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A travel guide really isn't a travel guide without pictures. Our Okanagan Canada pictures photo gallery shows you much more in images than we can describe with words.

These photo pages give you a more extensive look at views, landscape and interesting things throughout the interior region of the province.

You can find many Okanagan Valley photos all through this website, most of which we took ourselves, along with lots of information about visiting this beautiful area of British Colmbia.

Our photo gallery is grouped by location, theme, and by friends who have shared with us. You can choose any of the links below, or follow the link at the bottom of each page to view all of the Okanagan Canada pictures page by page.

Okanagan Canada In Pictures
  • Photo Gallery I - Penticton, BC

  • Photo Gallery II Janelle Webster is a professional photographer who lives in the Okanagan, and enjoys taking landscape and outdoor pictures.

  • Photo Gallery III Marvin Beatty is a professional photographer who lives in the Shuswap, and enjoys taking landscape and outdoor pictures as well.

  • Chris Risley loves to tour around and explore the back country roads. And he's always got his camera with him. Chris shares many of his pictures on Flickr , and has created a special set for our website.

  • Skaha Beach Pictures Skaha beach lies at the south end of Penticton. The sand is darker red, and hot. Though the water is deeper here, there are floating docks to swim to, slides for kids, and plenty of shady trees both on the beach and behind. There's also a playground and splash park, tennis courts, outdoor hockey court, basketball, and two concession stands.

Okanagan Canada Picture Gallery

Many of the pictures on our website are those we have taken on our own travels. Our home is in the South Okanagan city of Penticton, so we saw it fitting to share some of our favorite views of the valley in this section the picture gallery. Welcome to life in the Okanagan Canada!

Skaha Lake Penticton Canada

okanagan penticton canada

There are many places in and around the city of Penticton where you can simply stop and enjoy the views. From here we are looking north to Skaha Lake and the beautiful Skaha beach in the summer. [More Skaha Beach pictures here]

Okanagan Lake Penticton Canada

okanagagan canada okanagan lake

View of Penticton Canada, and Okanagan Beach - from family's home - enjoy the views!

Okanagan Canada Pictures Penticton Lake Front

penticton lake front view

During the summer, walking paths along the lakefront in Penticton are beautifully kept with flower beds, and benches for sitting and relaxing.

Sailing On Okanagan Lake

sailing on okanagan lake

Sailing on Okanagan Lake is a popular summer activity for many. On a windy day, sailboats decorate the water with colorful sails. You can faintly see the Naramata Bench along the clay cliffs in the background.

Canada Pictures - Okanagan Beach Penticton Canada

okanagan beach penticton bc

Okanagan beach in Penticton is one of two main beaches in the city, where you'll also find some great Penticton restaurants. This beach runs along Lakeshore Drive. It is one of our favorite places to relax and play during our own summer vacations in the Okanagan valley. Water temperatures are warm, in the 20's Celsius, and in the peak of summer, are filled with sailboats, cruise boats, and sun worshippers.

The Penticton Peach

the famous peach on okanagan beach

Along the east end of Okanagan beach, is the famous "Penticton Peach", simply an ice cream and snack stand, but it marks the city's name as the 'Peach City'. In August, Penticton celebrates the annual Peachfest, which is the biggest festival of the year.

Kettle Valley Trail Overlooking Naramata to Penticton

kettle valley trail overlooking okanagan lake

The Kettle Valley Trail runs along the clay cliffs of Okanagan Lake between Penticton and Naramata BC. You can walk along the trail, or bike to this point at the "Little Tunnel", where the views are such as this, with the village of Naramata in the foreground. During the summer, forest fires are a risk anywhere in British Columbia, creating a haze over the valley.

Autumn In The Okanagan - Canada Pictures

okanagan in the fall

Fall in the Okanagan runs into late September and there are even some beautiful days in October. This picture, from Munson Mountain, is a popular spot for watching fireworks during the Canada Day celebration in July. It's also a great place for easy hiking and walking.

We Hope To See You Soon!

having fun in osoyoos at rattlesnake canyon

When we visit Osoyoos in the summer, a day at Rattlesnake Canyon is always in order. The bungie jumping - thing-a-ma-jig- with a trampoline beneath - is one of our kids favorites. There's also rock climbing, go karts, bumper boats, mini golf, and ice cream!

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