Okanagan Beach Penticton BC

One Of The Best Beaches In The Okanagan

Okanagan beach, on Okanagan Lake in Penticton BC, is one of our favorite beaches and is right across the street from cozy local motels, some great restaurants, a playground, water park, the city's main downtown parks, and some cool family friendly attractions.

view of okanagan beach penticton british columbiaOkanagan beach is backed with shady trees. So, you can laze in shade, or in the sun, which ever your preference.

The sand is soft and cool. And the beach is about a mile long. There are slides for the kids. And there are floating docks to swim out to. But, our beaches do not have lifeguards.

It runs along Lakeshore Drive from the SS Sicamous sternwheeler (a historical site) and Riverside park, to the Penticton Lakeside Resort & Casino on the east side of Lake Okanagan.

a beautiful sunny summer day on okanagan beach in pentictonA Beautiful Sunny Summer Day On Okanagan Beach In Penticton

Why Okanagan Beach Is So Popular

Within walking distance of the beach, you'll find a shopping plaza that has local fresh fruit and vegetable market, Quality Greens, a meat shop for fresh meats (T-Bones), and you can get basically everything you need to prepare meals. Plus there are great family motels and some great restaurants right along Lakeshore Drive right across from the beach.

salty's restaurant penticton bc right across from okanagan beachYou'll Find Great Restaurants Like Salty's Directly Behind The Beach Along Lakeshore Drive

It's close to everything including downtown Penticton, and Gryo Park (where many local events happen), and the Penticton River Channel launch site is also a hop skip and jump away.

Lakawana waterpark & playground, ice cream shops, a bike rental shop, Loco Landing Adventure Mini Golf, the Penticton Rose Garden and a skateboard park are all either along the beach or within a short walking distance.

paddlewheeler boat touring along okanagan beach waterfrontA Paddlewheeler Boat Touring On The Lake Along The Beach Front

You'll often see paddlewheeler boats, like the Casabella Princess (See TripAdvisor) touring Okanagan Lake out front of the the beach. 

The Penticton Lakeside Resort sits alongside the east end of the beach, which is the main hotel resort in the city.

The Penticton Farmer's Market also takes place at the west end of the beach on Main Street, an easy walk.

ss sicamous on okanagan beach penticton bcThe SS Sicamous Sternwheeler Is A Reminder Of How People Used To Travel On The Lakes Here

You'll know you're at the right beach when you see the SS Sicamous, which is also a historic tourist attraction in the city. 

motels along okanagan beach penticton bcFamily Friendly Motels Line Lakeshore Drive Along A Portion Of The Beach

One of the nicest things about Okanagan beach are the family friendly motels along the beach. They are convenient, cozy, not usually overly pricey. And some have outdoor pools. 

The nice thing about motels, rather than hotels, is that you can save on meals by buying your own groceries, like fresh fruit and vegetables at summer farmers markets and local orchard and fruit stands and eat in rather than always having to eat out. For kids, it's easy to make sure they eat well and stay healthy on vacation.

There are many other motels in Penticton more centrally located, as well as several places to stay on the south end of the city near Skaha Beach.

We hope you enjoy your vacation in the Okanagan Valley! 

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