Places To Eat In The Okanagan Valley BC

So....Where are all the great places to eat in the Okanagan Valley BC?

That's a question we're often asked.

The Okanagan British Columbia is a rich agricultural area with so much locally grown fruit and vegetables, organics, artisans and a growing wine industry.

Okanagan Restaurants

And as part of our own travel in the Okanagan, wherever we go, finding great places to enjoy local dining and food is always an important part of our trip.

There are so many great restaurants all around the Okanagan.

Many are considered the best restaurants around by locals, and yet others, simply great places to get a good meal - which is important when traveling with kids, right? ....which reminds me of ice cream ;-)

best places to eat okanagan bc saltys beach house

Family & Kid Friendly

As a family we often seek out places to eat that offer a casual family environment and kid friendly dinners and meals, that also fit our budget.

From larger, more well-known restaurants to small, almost cubby hole cafes, many of what we consider the best restaurants are not necessarily fancy, nor will they break our budget.

You'll find a wide variety of restaurants with a casual dining atmosphere, and food that kids will enjoy.

places to eat okanagan farmers markets

Great Casual Dining

Casual dining is almost a way of life in the Okanagan Valley BC, but with a unique twist.

Creative casual cuisine is an art for local chefs - and when paired with Okanagan wine, even the most casual lakeside patio offers wonderful ways to enjoy a meal made from largely locally grown products.

You can also do a dinner cruise on Okanagan Lake or Shuswap Lake where not only will you eat well, you'll just never want to leave....

Fine Dining, Wine & Romantic Dinners

If you're looking to share a special dinner with your favorite person, either along a beachfront or on a hillside patio overlooking the valley, there are definitely a few great places to choose from, many of which also carry various featured wines from Okanagan wineries reflecting one aspect of unique culture of this region.

Okanagan Farmers Markets

One thing you don't want to miss out on is fresh Okanagan fruit and the artisan foods from summer farmers markets. It's really one of the highlights of summer.

places to eat okanagan farmers markets

There's just nothing more delicious than fresh baked goods, tree ripened fruit, handmade artisan cheeses, fresh herbs, and treats made from the harvest of locally grown produce.

On farmer's market days, grab yourself a cup of fresh brewed coffee and browse through any market, and you'll find fruits, vegetables, breads of every kind, preserves, pastries, organic foods and more.

Summer farm markets are a great place to pick up healthy fresh foods for doing your own cooking where ever you are staying. And you still get to enjoy fresh produce, vegetables baked goods and artisan foods.

Okanagan Wine & Food Festivals

Wine and food is at it's best in the Okanagan Valley BC during festival time. Many culinary events take place throughout the year including four Okanagan Wine Festivals.

Anywhere you go in the Okanagan you'll wonderful places to eat where wine and food are brought together in celebration.

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Local Cafes & Relaxing With A Great Cup Of Coffee

places to eat okanagan coffee bars bistros Oh, and just one more If a good cup of coffee is as vital to your daily routine as it is to ours, then you'll want to know where to find the best cup while you're here.

Sure, you can pay the extra for a standard Starbuck's, or you can find a comfy cozy spot outside on a patio or near the beach, sip on a real cup of java juice and start your day off with fresh roast the real way.

These quaint spots are also some of the best places to eat. Check out some of the best cafes, coffee shops and roasters, where the rich aroma of fresh brewed coffee will greet you as you meet with friends and relax under the Okanagan sun :)

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