Okanagan Vacation Guide Big Little Book Of Printable Games, Puzzles & Much More!


Okanagan Vacation Guide Big Little Book Of Puzzles, Fun Printable Games & (a bunch of) Other Really Fun Stuff is our first book of printables, trivia and fun party games! Every page is an original, created by hand, with love, by us! These are great puzzles and games for traveling, while on the road, at home, at the beach, on a rainy day, at the campground, or just about anywhere and anytime!

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Summer is just the greatest time for relaxation, lots of family fun, parties and get togethers, travel and vacation. To keep ourselves and our kids entertained, whether in the car, at the beach, on a plane or a camping vacation, we always had lots of printables and games ready to beat any boredom!  So, we created a book of fun printable party games, puzzles, coloring pages and more for you to download, print, play and enjoy! 

So, What's Inside Our Printable
Games & Puzzles Book, You Ask??

Every page is an original! All of our puzzles and printable games were written (and tested) by us. Our word searches and crosswords are summer vacation or 'Okanagan' related. So, you can find something interesting and super cool about this part of the world all while you play! 

License Plate Travel Bingo & The Car Trip Alphabet Game

The Car Trip Alphabet Game and License Plate Bingo are two of our favorite travel games. Our version of the license plate bingo game is so fun! We see who can find double and triple letters and numbers on the license plates! We love playing it so much, we created 12 bingo cards for you to play with too! 

Word Search Printables

Fun for family and kids word search puzzles keep everyone entertained with our word searches to print and play! Word finds were always a fun game we played with our kids especially to pass the time while traveling in the car.

Every wordsearch puzzle has something to do with summer vacation, fun summer activities, yummy summer treat favorites or the Okanagan! These are great as kids word puzzles for ages 6 and up.

Grab some crayons or color markers (washable, of course) and use a different color marker to highlight each word. 

Fun Printable Trivia Games

Get everyone off the electronic devices and play some fun trivia games! For parties, around the campfire, at the picnic table or in the camper. 

Think camping, movies and actors, cool history, food and BBQ! Lots of easy trivia questions and some a little harder. Best of all, EVERYONE CAN PLAY! Make teams or play one on one. It's all fun and games, anywhere anytime!

Original Crossword Puzzles To Print & Play

We made our crossword puzzles based on interesting and unique places we've visited in the Okanagan.  Do you know where there's a world renowned astrophysical research center with giant telescopes? It's pretty stellar!

And, there's not many places where millions and millions of salmon swim upstream every year to return to their spawning grounds. It's a phenomenon as cool as the monarch butterfly! Print the crossword puzzles printable games as many times as you like!

Scavenger Hunt Ideas, Game & Ways To Create Your Own Lists

So much fun for any party, picnic or other gathering, our Summer Party Scavenger Hunt will have everyone talking to everyone! The only thing players need is the game sheet and a pen or pencil to fill in the blanks on the list. This is a great interactive game for a family reunion, a party, a long weekend camp out or barbecue.

Create a scavenger hunt with our REUSABLE printable cards that you can use instead of a scavenger hunt list printed on a sheet. There's 32 cards all with different items and lots of ways to play! You can mix and match cards to make your own scavenger hunt list different every time!

They're especially fun for kids as they can be part of creating the game by pulling cards from a hat to create a different hunt every time.  You can use these for an indoor or an outdoor scavenger hunt games to play at parties of all kinds.

Plus you can set your own rules for a game.  Keep it simple for younger children, or be more specific on how the cards are used depending on the age group that's playing.  You can also print multiple pages of cards and play with teams if you have a large party or group of people.

We're making more scavenger hunt printable games and cards with new scavenger hunt ideas as we speak! So, print out and keep your cards and add to the collection when the new ones are ready!

Zig Zag Word Scramble Puzzles

If you like to play unscramble word games, you'll like these word scrambles. They're printable word jumbles with a twist! We've hidden a secret word in each puzzle.

First fill in the missing letters for each word. The twist is that the first to letters of a word must be the last two letters of the word below it (except the last word)!

Then, unscramble the letters circled in red to find the secret word.  It's not as hard as it sounds! 

You can print each of these games on a separate page and have room for scribble, or print multiple puzzles per page (we've set it up both ways) and cut the pages into strips. You can use the backside of each printed puzzle pages for scribbles to save paper!

Printable Colouring Pages

Colouring pages to print and color (of course)

Full sheet pages for kids to color to their hearts content! Plus, a printable Owl Maze where you can do the maze, then color the owl!

Once you print out the pages and color them, we'd love to see your fabulous artistic colorful creations on our Facebook page, especially the Ogopogo summer page! So, get printing and colouring and then show us your artwork!

BUT WAIT! There's More!

There's also a fun musical mad lib for kids and FREE BONUS PAGES with printable recipes on beautiful cards that you can print and keep! Our fun printable games and puzzles easy to download!  And you can print the whole book at once, or just the pages you want at any time!

And, finally, check out our special take on the old
'Twas The Night Before Christmas'

with our own twist of Ogopogo and Okanagan Lake!

Only $9.95

Whether you live here, play here, travel here, plan to visit here (or not), our printable games and puzzles will entertain you and your kids in a fun and engaging way, and you'll even learn a little something about the Okanagan BC!  So have fun! We hope you enjoy our book as much as we've enjoyed creating it!

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