Cities & Towns In The Okanagan BC Shuswap

British Columbia's Beautiful Southern Interior

southern interior british columbia okanagan bc valley regionSummer View Of The Okanagan Valley BC

The Okanagan BC and Shuswap regions of British Columbia lie in the southern interior of the province and are so close together we almost consider them one. Yet when you visit each area you'll see they are quite different in several ways.

When you visit communities throughout the Okanagan BC you'll find a few things in common. Fruit orchards and vineyards, arts and culture, golf, lots of family and kid friendly attractions and plenty of soft sandy beaches along beautiful lakes.

At the same time, you'll also find something unique and charming in each community and region in the valley that you won't find in another. In the most southern region, Osoyoos, the climate is semi-arid desert, with little rain in the summer months. While the very north, Shuswap area, offers lush forest and weather that is still wonderfully warm in the summer, but more snow in the winter.

To help you navigate to cities and towns, we've organized this page by region from Osoyoos To Salmon Arm, by South, Central, North Okanagan and Shuswap.

Use the quick links here to skip to the region you'd like to explore.

South Okanagan Regional District - town of Osoyoos, Oliver BC, the city of Penticton, Summerland BC, Naramata

Central Okanagan Regional District - Peachland BC, city of Kelowna, Winfield, Lake Country BC

North Okanagan Regional District - Oyama, Vernon BC, Enderby, Armstrong BC, Coldstream BC

Shuswap British Columbia - city of Salmon Arm, Chase BC, Scotch Creek...

Use the quick links here to skip to the region you'd like to explore.

South Okanagan Regional District - town of Osoyoos, Oliver BC, the city of Penticton, Summerland BC, Naramata

Central Okanagan Regional District - Peachland BC, city of Kelowna, Winfield, Lake Country BC

North Okanagan Regional District - Oyama, Vernon BC, Enderby, Armstrong BC, Coldstream BC

Shuswap British Columbia - city of Salmon Arm, Chase BC, Scotch Creek...

Beginning in the southern Okanagan Valley with town of Osoyoos, at the US-Canada border and going north, you'll travel through Oliver, then the city of Penticton, Naramata and Summerland BC, Peachland, West Kelowna and Kelowna, which lie along Okanagan Lake.

In Osoyoos, you'll find Osoyoos Lake. And, at Okanagan Falls begins Skaha Lake. Penticton has the best of both worlds with a lake bordering each end of the city.

Kelowna is central to the region and then there's Vernon, Armstrong and Enderby BC, and all the way up to Sicamous British Columbia, which is where the Okanagan Shuswap region meets. From Sicamous, you'll enter the incredibly beautiful Shuswap region, which offers wonderful attractions and a variety of year round activities for all.

The South Okanagan BC

south okanagan bc osoyoosOsoyoos BC In The South Okanagan

Osoyoos BC - Population approx. 4,500

In the South Okanagan, the town of Osoyoos is in the tip of Canada's pocket desert region, in the Great Basin Desert region.

British Columbia tourism here presents fruit orchards and the BC wine industry are the mainstays of the town, with tree fruits blanketing the bottom of the valley and vinifera vines climbing all the hillsides. Summer months are almost rain free. Osoyoos Lake is a main attraction, and they have some really great festivals.

With Grasslands and mountain regions around Osoyoos, you won't find a lack of things to do here, summer or winter with hiking, mountain biking, birding, and exploring nature.

penticton bc south okanaganCity Of Penticton BC

Penticton BC - Population approx. 32,000

With two of the best beaches in the Okanagan BC, and Apex Mountain Ski Resort for winter fun, the city of Penticton is a very popular vacation destination for families. In summer, it's well known for the Penticton River Channel.

And if you're in to wine tours and golf, you won't be disappointed here either. Most wineries in the Okanagan Valley are within an hour's drive from the city, and you've got plenty of golf courses to choose from as well.

historic hotel kaleden bcRemnants Of An Old Hotel In Kaleden BC

Kaleden - Population approx. 1,100

Kaleden BC was founded in 1909 as construction of water irrigation began to provide the hillside community with adequate water supply for growing orchard fruits. Land developer, James Ritchie sold 5 acre parcels to buyers for a whopping $1800!

The Hadfield General Store, which is now the 1912 bistro, resides next door to the old Kaleden Hotel along the waterfront, and these are the main buildings with historical significance in the village. If you're looking for a cozy B&B though, Kaleden's got some great places to stay with beautiful views of the valley.

village of naramata british columbiaVillage of Naramata BC

Naramata Village - Population approx. 2,000

The village of Naramata BC was founded in 1907 as a prime agricultural area, and was also known as a cultural centre, including the Canadian Players Theatre Company of the 1930's. Paddlewheelers regularly docked at the local wharf carrying passengers and freight up and down Okanagan Lake until the Kettle Valley Railway was completed in 1914.

Today, the Naramata Bench is one of the most popular wine tour routes in the Okanagan BC.

The Central Okanagan

kelowna bc british columbiaCity of Kelowna British Columbia

Kelowna - Population approx. 106,000

The Central Okanagan Regional district is marked by the largest city in the Okanagan Valley, the city of Kelowna. A busy, growing urban center, Kelowna tourism and the Central Okanagan BC offer visitors all the amenities of the big city, wineries, golf, beaches, skiing, excellent shopping, and lots of interesting places to explore culture and local BC history.

Kelowna's waterfront is lined with a multitude of beaches, parks and walkways, yet a short trip to the outskirts of the city and you'll discover mountain trails, hiking and biking and opportunities to explore back country and nature.

The North Okanagan

Vernon British ColumbiaVernon British Columbia

Vernon BC - Population approx. 38,000

Vernon is the oldest incorporated city in the Okanagan Valley and lies in ranch lands and low rolling hills surrounded by the Monashee Mountains. Some of the best family attractions are Atlantis Waterslides and the historic O'Keefe Ranch.

Vernon BC is packed with agricultural attractions, as well as beautiful Kalamalka Lake, the Allan Brookes Nature Center, Silver Star Ski Resort, Sovereign Lake Nordic Club, and lots of heritage tourism to explore. If you're downtown you could tour the Vernon Heritage outdoor wall murals which are painted on buildings throughout the down town area and give you a large scale view of Vernon's history.

village cheese company armstrong bcVillage Cheese Company Armstrong BC

Armstrong BC - Population - approx. 4,500

Armstrong BC Canada was named after E.C. Heaton Armstrong, a London banker who helped finance the Shuswap and Okanagan Railway in 1892, and local development at the turn of the century.

Armstrong sits above the dairy and ranch lands of the Spallumcheen Valley and aside from a history of making fine artisan farmstead cheese with the influence of Dutch immigrants, Armstrong British Columbia tourism is known for it's community events, some of the oldest and largeest in the Okanagan Valley.

The Shuswap BC

The Shuswap is in the Thompson - Okanagan BC region, sort of separate of the Okanagan Valley, but we include it on our site because it's so close and we love to travel and visit there. From The South Okanagan BC a day trip to the Shuswap is something we do often, especially to visit Salmon Arm.

Communities in the Shuswap are centered around Shuswap Lake. There's an amazing amount of outdoor activities during both summer and winter months in the Shuswap.

shuswap bc british columbia house boating vacationHouseboating In The Shuswap BC

Sicamous BC - Population - approx. 3,100

The Shuswap British Columbia region is where you'll find all the houseboats, the number one Canada map destinations for houseboat vacations, with lush green forests and the largest variety of fun summer activities for everyone. The Sicamous area is also a winter haven for those who love to snowmobile, snowshoe, dogsled and ski.

And if you're around in the fall, the annual Fungi Festival in Sicamous & the Shuswap is a fun week of identifying and picking wild mushrooms, with guided tours every day, and then you get to enjoy a gourmet mushroom cuisine.

salmon arm shuswap bcSalmon Arm Wharf In The Shuswap BC

Salmon Arm BC - Population - approx. 16,000

Summertime in the Shuswap and around the city of Salmon Arm, you'll find berry farms, dairy farms, cheese factories, and all the great golf the rest of the Okanagan Valley offers.

One of it's most spectacular attractions is the Adam's River Salmon River Run each year, where Salmon return to their origin of the millions! A popular place to see this phenomenon is at Haig-Brown Provincial Park.

Salmon Arm is also special for it's wharf and one of our favorite places to visit in the summer, Demille's Market.

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