TickleBerries Old Fashioned
Ice Cream Parlor

Okanagan Falls BC

Tickleberrie's isn't your ordinary old fashioned ice cream parlor!

No sir!

But one thing is for sure...

It is, by far, the best ice cream parlor in the Okanagan BC ...

and maybe even in the whole world!!

Not only can you get the best ice cream, but you can also get their mouth watering chocolate covered dried fruit, the tickleberry.

It's delicious Okanagan fruit covered in rich chocolate, and their dried fruit chips also made with fruit grown in the Okanagan Valley.

A must visit when you're in the South Okanagan at Okanagan Falls BC?

Oh yes!

tickleberries old fashioned ice cream parlor

Tickleberrie's has more than 70 of the most scrumptious

... delicious

.... amazingly tasty and heavenly

... out of this world

....simply to die for

...and stone cold of ice cream!

The only problem at Tickleberries is deciding on the flavor!

friendly people

And they have the friendliest people too!

Even Captain gets a vanilla ice cream cone!

captains canine cone

With a doggy biscuit on top!


One scoop...two scoops...three scoops....

A child's cone is 2 huge scoops in a regular or a waffle cone, of any two flavors!

One flavor...two flavors...three flavors...

You can have anything you want!

Our favorites?

Black licorice, chocolate chip mint, luscious lizard, and raspberry ice cream.

Inside Tickleberries, is more than just an old fashioned ice cream parlor!

It's full of tasty treasures like homemade fudge, kettle popped corn, and they also have a snack bar, called The Ticklebean Coffee Shop with hot dogs and other specialty lunches.

inside tickleberries old fashioned ice cream parlor okanagan falls bc

We always go home with a bag of Ticklerry, the chocolate covered dried fruit.

When cherries are in season, these are the best!

Or the dried fruit chips, made from Okanagan grown fruit.

They're naturally rich in Vitamin C and delicious to eat!

A Few Words Of Caution

Don't take the kids 2 hours before dinner!

Don't go to Tickleberries for ice cream within 2 hours after dinner. It'll simply ruin the experience!

Be prepared for your ice cream to melt way before you're finished eating it!

best ice cream

Oh, and one more thing...if you visit Tickleberries old fashioned ice cream parlor often, get a frequent licker card! Your 10th ice cream cone is free!

Tickleberries is located in the town of OK Falls, BC, about 15 minutes south of the city of Penticton along highway 97. You can't miss it!

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