Okanagan Valley Farm Fresh Markets

Fruit Stands, U-Pick's, Orchard Tours

Here you'll find some wonderful Okanagan farm fresh markets, the local fruit stands, u-pick farms and valley farm market orchards.. It's what the Okanagan Canada is known for!

picking apples in the fall at a naramata bc orchardPicking apples in the fall at a Naramata BC orchard.

Locally grown fruit is one of the wonderful benefits of living in the Okanagan Valley.

Cherries, apples, peaches, apricots, nectarines, plums, and pears, to name a few, are available from June and right through the late fall season.

Fresh fruit and vegetables sold at valley farm market & fruit stands are picked daily so they are as fresh as though you picked them yourself.

Visit an Okanagan U pick farms on an orchard, where you'll enjoy orchard tours, lunch bars, petting zoos, ice cream parlors, gifts and local products like jams, jellies, pies and other fresh treats.

Valley Farm Market Fruit Stands & U-pick Farms
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Bear's farm market Keremeos BC

Wherever you see U-pick signs anywhere along the highway, or even right in some towns and cities, you can stop in and pick a bucket of fruit.

U-pick farms usually offer cheaper prices for fruit when you pick your own. Fruit that is sold at fruit stands and orchard markets is generally picked early on the day markets open.

Most Okanagan farm fresh markets and fruit stands also sell fresh vegetables!!

Farmers markets are another way to enjoy local fruit, vegetables, arts & crafts and unique artisan works.

Many farmers markets begin in spring, and carry on through the fall season.

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Shuswap You Pick Farms, Fruit Stands And Farm Fresh Markets

The main agricultural industry in the Shuswap includes fruit, dairy, beef, hog, poultry, sheep, and vegetables, unlike the South Okanagan where you'll find more fruit. In the Shuswap you'll find wonderful farm fresh markets with strawberries, raspberries and other berries, cherries and other locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables (like oh so fresh corn!)

Geier's Fruit & Berry Farm

Geier's Fruit & Berry Farm
3820 - 40th Street SE
Salmon Arm BC
Telephone: (250) 832-2807

Located in Salmon Arm BC, Geier's Fruit & Berry Farm is a U-pick farm offering raspberries, strawberries and cherries.

Open from mid June through late September, Geier's Fruit & Berry Farm, begins picking cherries around the second or third week in July (please call first!) through around the 10th of August, and strawberries beginning around July 10th. This farm gate operation provides you with buckets, and everything you'll need to pick your own fruit. Please bring cash only.

De Mille's Sweet Corn & Produce

Demille's Farm Market
3710 Trans Canada Hwy, SW
Salmon Arm BC
Telephone: (250) 832-7550

If you're thinking of taking a trip to De Mille's, plan to spend the afternoon! They have a whole list of attractions including farm tours, a petting zoo, a fun corn maze a large collection of farm equipment and trucks, a great market with a bakery, deli (with our favorite Gort's Gouda cheese!), ice cream, a garden center, a summertime market featuring local artisans, and other local specialty products. DeMille's offers over 45 varieties of home grown, pesticide-free vegetables directly from their farm. heir famous sweet corn, is well known throughout BC and Western Canada. They also carry a large selection of certified organic and pesticide-free fruits. De Mille's is open daily - early morning to dusk, July through September. Demille's Farm Market is located just off the Trans Canada Highway on the right-hand side as you enter Salmon Arm from the west.

An old postcard of an Okanagan orchard from a visit years ago,
overlooking Kalamalka Lake in the North Okanagan.

old postcard of an okanagan orchard

North Okanagan You Pick Farms, Fruit Stands And Orchards

In the North Okanagan you can find farm fresh markets and roadside fruit stands along the highway, at orchards, and some U pick farms. Here we've listed a few in the Vernon and Armstrong BC areas that you may enjoy.

Peter's Orchard - Vernon BC

Peter's U-Pick Orchard
6244 Rimer Road
Vernon BC
Telephone: (250)306-9600

A family owned and operated orchard, Peter's Orchard has a number of different types of cherries, such as Lapins, Skeena and Staccato and all are considered premium export quality, and are large in size and flavor. Bus tours are welcome here. You can also get local fresh honey and jams, garlic and other produce that's grown right on the farm.

Davison Orchards - Vernon BC

Davison Orchards
3111 Davison Road
Vernon, BC V1H 1A2
Telephone: (250) 549-3266

Located in Vernon, BC, Davison Orchards is a family farm fresh markets and country village, that specializes in apples, but you can get many other fresh fruits and vegetables. The farm itself primarily grows many varieties apples! Davison Orchards is open daily from May 1 to October 31. Plan to spend a few hours! It's one of the most fun summer activities for kids in the Okanagan Valley. They offer farm tours, and have a petting zoo, a gift shop, and a country pantry. You can buy homemade preserves, and enjoy their homemade sandwich lunches in the market cafe! U pick tomatoes and peppers are available at Davison Orchards, and other Okanagan fresh fruit and vegetables are available in the produce barn when in season.

Central Okanagan U Pick Farms, Fruit Stands, Farm Fresh Markets

Gatzke's Farm Market - Oyama BC

Gatzke's Farm Market
15696 Pelmewash Parkway
Oyama BC
Telephone: (250) 548-3444

Gatzke's Farm Maket is located 20 minutes north of the Kelowna International Airport and is the mid-point between the city of Vernon and Kelowna BC. You can't miss it. Along highway 97, off the Pelmewash Parkway exit, right between Wood Lake and Kalamalka Lake. This longtime local farm fresh markets produces more than 50 varieties of tree fruits, and also sells fresh organic produce, and specialty products unique to the Okanagan including gourmet jams and jellies. They also have their own grandma Gatzke's homemade pies. Gatzke's also has orchard tours, a farm museum with a collection of antique farm equipment, two cabin rentals and a bakery. In the fall, you can find a great selection of pumpkins for halloween and your own homemade pumpkin pie!

Palomine Orchards - Oyama, BC

Palomine Orchards
14990 Pelmewash Parkway (was Hwy 97 along Wood Lake)
Oyama, British Columbia
V4V 2G6
Telephone: (250) 250-548-4047 or cell (250) 870-3264

A family based orchard with cherries, peaches, plums and apples. The market season here begins mid July through to September. NOT a U-pick.

Located on the orchard is a farm gate fruit stand open daily. All fruit is picked, packed and cooled daily. Palomine Orchards is found in Oyama on Hwy 97 across from Wood Lake.

Please call for larger orders so they can be ready for you.

More information on Palomine Orchards and other great places in Oyama can be found on the Oyama Facebook page here.

You'll also find berry farms in the Okanagan BC
jays berry farm lake country bc

Jays Berry Farm

Established in 2002, Jays Berry Farm specializes in both U-pick and I-pick blueberries.

Jays Berry Farm
12125 Pow Road
Lake Country
Telephone: (250) 766-1117

John and Joyce Madsen, the "Jays" in Jays Berry Farm, grew up in Kelowna and returned to the central Okanagan to stay in 1988. The couple purchased the farm overlooking Okanagan Lake in 1993, built a home and retired in 1994.

Originally a small apple orchard, the farm also pastured cattle for several summers before switching to berries in 2002. Today, Jays Berry Farm has grown to become a multi-generation family operation specializing in blueberries and related products.

Open every day from 9 am to 5 pm between mid July and late September, the Jays, their children and occasionally their grandchildren invite you to join them picking blueberries at Jays Berry Farm in Winfield!

Take Oceola Rd. from Highway 97 in Winfield to the top of the hill. As you descend towards Okanagan Lake, look for the Jays Berry Farm sign and turn left on Pow Road. Check google maps for directions or visit their website at www.barrymadsen.ca for more details.

Mike & Lizzy's U-Pick Cherries - Kelowna BC

Mike & Lizzy's Cherries U-Pick
4801 Lakeshore Place
Kelowna, BC
Telephone: (250) 863-4431
Google Map It!

Mike & Lizzy's U pick cherry orchard in the city of Kelowna is strictly a you pick your own cherry orchard. They open around the beginning of July and close when cherry season is finished, usually around the third week in July. They grow 4 popular varieties of cherries - Vans, Bings, Lambert and Lapin cherries. This is a popular u-pick orchard with some of the best farm fresh markets cherries around. If you go to Mike & Lizzy's, please leave pets at home. Children are welcome.

They provide buckets, stools and ladder's, and if you plan to pick large quantities of cherries, you may want to bring your own boxes. Mike & Lizzy's is open from 8 a.m. until about 2 or 3 p.m. daily depending on the heat. If it's too hot out, they close for the day, as the cherries just get too mushy. If you enjoy picking your own fruit, this is a friendly, no frills local orchard with a great reputation for fantastic fruit. Oh, and please bring cash only.

Paynter's Fruit Market - Westside Kelowna (Westbank BC)

Paynter's Fruit Market
3687 Paynter Road
Westbank BC
V4T 1R1
Telephone: (250) 768-7313

Paynter's Fruit Market, is located in Westbank BC, and is open from July 1 until late November every year. One of their specialties is U-pick, when fruit ripening time and maturity are just right, but you can also get fresh vegetables. U pick cherries begin in July, followed by apricots, plums, peaches, pears, grapes, melons, vegetables, and lastly apples and pears.

Paynter's farm fresh markets also has tomatoes, peppers - hot and sweet, zucchinis, potatoes, onions, sweet corn, beans, peas, beets, carrots, squash and pumpkins. Inside the market you'll find a selection of delicious specialty products, Okanagan made, including some delicious salad dressing products (organic), Paynter's own Honey products, and a few other tasty treasures. Bring the kids along, to experience the fun of picking their own fruit and exploring farm fresh markets, and then to enjoy a refreshing ice cream from their ice cream parlor!

South Okanagan Fresh Fruit Vegetable Stands, Orchard Tours, You Pick Farms, Farm Fresh Markets

In the South Okanagan you'll find an apple orchard farm, u pick cherries, strawberries, and other you pick fruit and vegetables. Around Summerland and Trout Creek BC there are a number of fruit stands and farm fresh markets with a great selection of produce. Between the city of Penticton, Oliver BC and the town of Osoyoos, you'll see numerous roadside fruit stands perched along the highway.

Some U pick farms simply set out signs indicating you pick fruit, so if you spot one, just pull in and get picking!

Dickinson Family Farm - Summerland BC

Dickinson Family Fresh Farm Markets
17208 Bentley Rd.
Summerland, B.C.
Telephone: (250) 494-8732

Dickinson Family Farm, in Summerland, BC is home of the world's tallest tripod orchard ladder. It's one of the South Okanagan's farm fresh markets that grows some of the best fruit like delicious cherries! Enjoy fruit fresh from the tree, wander the orchard, watch the packing line, see some of their artifacts, or just relax and enjoy the experience of nature. Pre-booked guided tours are available, or you are welcome to wander through the 10-acre orchard on a self-guided tour.

Cherries, Peaches and Prunes, Pears, Apricots and Plums are all available beginning around mid July, and the fruit season sees it's ending mid October. You can get U pick cherries, including Rainer cherries, Lamberts, Bing and Lapin cherries begin near mid-July until the first week of August.

Granny's Fruit Stand - Summerland BC

Granny's Fruit Stand
13810 Highway 97
Summerland BC
Telephone: (250) 494-7374

Granny's is a Summerland BC country farm market with fresh daily picked local fruit and vegetables. A beautiful farm fresh marekts with great selection, they are open into the fall season, and have a great selection of pumpkins for Halloween! There is a small play area for kids, picnic tables, and ice cream shop. Granny's fruit stand is located along Highway 97 in Summerland. You can't miss it along the roadside.

Granny's also offers orchard tours, but you'll need to call ahead to book. And make sure you take your camera here. You'll get great views of Okanagan Lake and the valley below.

Robert's Fruit Market & Orchard - Summerland BC

Robert's Fruit Market & Orchard
13041 Highway 97
Summerland BC
Telephone: (250) 494-5541

You'll find Robert's Fruit Market & Orchard just alongside the highway in Summerland BC. There's an ice cream shop for a treat, and picnic tables outside to relax at and enjoy the sunshine. There's also a bakery with their own homemade fruit pies. And of course, fresh fruits and vegetables too. They also have their own jellies and fresh preserves.

Blossom Fruit Stand - Trout Creek/Summerland BC

Blossom Fruit Stand
5408 Hwy 97
Summerland British Columbia
V0H 1Z0
Telephone: (250) 494-1111

Blossom Fruit Stand in Trout Creek (Summerland BC) is conveniently located near Sun-Oka Beach Provincial Park. You can find excellent local farm fresh fruit and vegetables in season.

Blossom Fruit Stand and farm fresh markets also sells other locally made treats, jams, jellies, preserves, and snacks. It's a pretty fruit and vegetable stand along side the highway, and one of our favorite valley farm market stops between Penticton and Summerland.

The Golden Mile Fruit Market - Oliver BC

Golden Mile Fruit Market
RR # 1, Highway 97 South
Oliver, BC
Telephone: (250) 495-2017

Golden Mile fruit stand is located on Highway 97, between Osoyoos and Oliver BC. Cherries, apricots, peaches and other Okanagan fruit and vegetables, locally-made fruit syrups, honey, jams, jellies and preserves are all available beginning around late June. These folks are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily during the summer months.

You can't miss them on the west side of highway 97.

Brar Orchards and Fruit Stand - Osoyoos BC

Brar Orchards and Fruit Stand
Hwy. 3
Osoyoos BC
V0H 1V0
Telephone: (250) 495-6604

Brar Orchards and Fruit Stand is located in the town of Osoyoos, on the east side of Lake Osoyoos, just as you begin the climb up Anarchist Mountain.

Brar's farm fresh market offers delicious Okanagan cherries, apricots, peaches and other Okanagan fruit and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are picked daily for the best freshness. They also have local made treats like jams, jellies and preserves.

Similkameen Valley Farm Fresh Markets Organic Fruit Markets, Fruit Stands

The Similkameen Valley farm fresh markets and U-picks are surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges, and the region is filled with farms, orchards, wineries, and beautiful camping spots along the Similkameen River. Keremeos BC is known as the best place in British Columbia to buy fresh fruit and vegetables.

Apples, apricots, peaches, plums, and vegetables such as peppers, many different types of squash, and tomatoes are some of the best in the Okanagan. There are a number of farm fresh markets and fruit stands in and around of the town, or you can buy produce directly from the orchard farm. The South Similkameen warm climate lends best to growing, with vineyards and wineries quickly becoming part of the Okanagan wine industry.

If you have time for a day trip, a drive to Keremeos is well worth it, and very beautiful to boot!

Bear's Farm and Markets - Keremeos BC

Bear's Farm Fresh Market
Box 18, Hwy 3A
Keremeos BC
Telephone: (250) 499-7737

Bear's Fruit Stand in Keremeos, BC is one of our favorite farm fresh markets to visit, especially during the fall pumpkin harvest season. It's right along the highway just north of Keremeos at the By-Pass and HWY 3A. Among the many fresh fruits and vegetables grown in the Okanagan valley, you'll find, cherries, pears, peaches, plums, apricots, nectarines, and their fall specialty - pumpkins.

Every fall we enjoy a day trip on a warm, sunny Okanagan day, to Bear's to pick out a pumpkin (or two!) They also have the most wonderful selection of squash, peppers, tomatoes, corn and in season apples. Bear's Farm and Market is about a 40 minute drive west of the city of Penticton.

Blush Lane Organic Orchard - Keremeos BC

Blush Lane Organic Orchard
Keremeos, BC
Telephone: (250) 499-5391

Blush Lane Organic Orchard offers a variety of excellent quality, fresh fruit and vegetables from their own orchard as well as the local community of Certified Organic farms. They are located 1 km west of the village of Keremeos.

If organic farm fresh markets are what you're looking for this is one of the best places to find fine quality produce! And the prices aren't too bad either!

Lidder's Farm Fresh Markets - Keremeos/Cawston BC

Lidder's Produce
RR1 S-45 C-10
315 7th Ave
Keremeos, B.C.
Telephone: (250) 499-5656

Lidder's Produce Market (Fruit Stand) is located on Highway 3 in Cawston, 5 minutes east of the village of Keremeos BC. Lidder's farm fresh markets produces all types of fruit and vegetables including apricots, apples, cherries, peaches, cantaloupes, peppers, and watermelons, tomatoes, plums, and nectarines. Fruit is tree ripened, picked fresh daily, and sold in the open farm fresh markets.

Lidder's offer delicious fresh produce directly from the grower at the most competitive prices anywhere in the Okanagan. It's a beautiful place for a stop as you travel around the Similkameen!

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