Okanagan Peach Varieties

The Havens & O'Henry Peaches

Okanagan peach varieties come to harvest at different times of the summer, beginning in early July. A delicate fruit, peaches bruise easily, keep only for a short period of time, and are best eaten fresh off the tree!

the okanagan peach on the beach penticton british columbiaThe Peach On The Beach In Penticton Celebrates Okanagan Fruit

If you're visiting the Okanagan during the month of August, we celebrate the beginning of peach harvest in Penticton at the annual Peach festival, and it's a great time to visit the city and get local fresh in season peach fruit.

So, What Are The Different Peach Varieties?

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In the Okanagan Valley, peaches have been grown since the late 1800's.

You'll find varieties here including freestone and cling peaches like Redhaven, Cresthaven, O'Henry and Glowhavens. Peaches are classed according to how strongly the flesh of the fruit "clings" to the peach pits when it is ripe. While all peaches are delicious to eat fresh, some types are better for canning, freezing and preserving.

Redhaven Peaches

Redhaven peaches are the main variety found in the Okanagan, and are a freestone peach. They are delicious to eat fresh, freeze or can very well, when they are fully ripened.

There's nothing like a delicious, sweet canned Okanagan peach for an afternoon snack! Redhaven peaches have a beautiful red skin and a juicy yellow flesh, and is one of the best selling peach variety in the Okanagan Valley.

Redhaven peaches are generally available in the Okanagan at the end of July until mid August. This large variety is a semi freestone, which means it easily comes off the stone when fully ripe.

Early Redhaven

Early Redhavens are also a common early peach variety grown in the Okanagan, and are a very juicy and sweet peach. This peach is a beautiful bright color and is a medium sized peach.

Early Redhaven peaches are delicious for eating fresh and canning. These peaches are a clingstone, as the flesh clings strongly to the peach pit. They're also excellent in a favorite peach dessert recipe, like peach dump cake, easy peach pie and spiced peaches.

peach orchard with fruit ready for pickingPicking Peaches Off The Tree Is Fun

Glowhaven Peaches

Glowhaven peaches are a freestone peach variety with a dark red skin colour. They are a freestone peach. Glowhavens are very sweet and juicy, and are also excellent to eat fresh, freeze, or bake, as well as in peach jam recipes.

This peach variety is well known for its distinctive tiger stripe coloring and deliciously peachy flavor, and is available in the Okanagan near mid August.

Cresthaven Peach

Cresthaven peaches are a medium to large sized freestone peach. The skin of a Cresthaven peach is a deep yellow, with a slight red blush. When Cresthaven peaches are fully ripened, they are very sweet and have a delicious flavor. Cresthavens are generally ready for picking in the last week of August and continue to mid September.

These peaches are perfect for freezing, eating fresh, canning, or baking. Try them in a homemade fruit smoothie with strawberries!

O'Henry Peaches

O'Henry peaches are the later peach to harvest in the Okanagan. O'Henry's are a freestone peach with a dark red skin and deep yellow flesh. O'Henry peaches are very juicy and sweet, and when canning this variety, you need very little sugar, a good choice for diabetics. O'Henry peaches are also excellent to can, freeze, eat fresh, or bake. They are usually available from mid-September to mid October.

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