Peter's UPick Vernon BC

Delicious U-Pick Okanagan Fruit!

If you want to spend a day picking fresh Okanagan cherry fruit take a trip to Peter's UPick in Vernon BC.

Peter's has about 2,000 trees for you to pick as much of the delicious fresh cherry fruit, that the Okanagan is known for, as you want!

Experience cherry picking the best way... right off the tree!

peters upick cherry orchard vernon bc

A family owned and operated orchard, Peter's Orchard has a number of different types of cherries.

Lapins, Skeena and Staccato and all are considered premium export quality, and are large in size and flavor.

They are varieties that are from the Summerland Research Center, the best in the world for size, flavor and firmness and also preferred for the export market.

These cherry varieties also ripen at different times.

They also have some mature trees of sour cherries and plums, but supply is limited with these, first come first serve, when available.

Other cherry varieties that were planted in 2011 will be producing in a couple of years.

You'll be able to pick sour cherries, ranier, bing, santina, and three varieties of apricots and peaches.

You can also get Baba's blue berries and Baba's Garlic, as well as some of Baba's freshly picked garden veggies, all of which are grown on site... they do not do Okanagan farmers markets, and are farm gate only at this time.

2014 Update - A Note From Peter

Our younger trees have grown up and now producing nice quality fruit. So we are opening July 1st for the early varieties of cherries from now on. Varieties are Chelan, Santina, Rainer, Bing and Gold. We also have u-pick apricots and peaches available around the end of July and and in to August as well as u-pick Italian prunes available in late September. :-)

When You Visit...

peters orchard vernon bc

There are picnic tables and restrooms, so bring your lunch and enjoy a beautiful day under the Okanagan sun.

Be sure to check our checklist for what to bring along to make your day of fruit picking fun.

They also sell cold beverages, local honey, freshly made jams that are often still warm.

Peter's Orchard will supply cardboard boxes and plastic bags to take your fruit home with you.

They'll provide you with picking pails with hooks, and ladders for picking (to use at your own risk), but the fruit trees are pruned in a way that ladders are optional and not necessary.

They offer automated cherry pitting for a small fee, and sell pre picked cherries, and also take orders for bulk amounts... ****They can fill your truck**** ;-)... They'll even deliver 400lbs and over, within a hour of Vernon.

Peter's Upick in Vernon BC is open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily, 7 days a week, starting mid July until somewhere near the end of August whenever they are sold out completely.

Call Ahead To Be Sure...

Peter's Orchard is located at 6244 Rimer Road in Vernon B.C.
Telehone: 250-306-9600

Map To Peter's Orchard Vernon BC

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One of the great pleasures we enjoy in the Okanagan is the locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Plentiful, delicious, and available from June through August (if the weather is ideal), fresh picked cherries will leave you wanting to come back year after year just to get more.

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