Apricot Varieties

Okanagan apricot varieties are available early July to mid August. Apricots are grown in the south end of the Okanagan Valley and the Similkameen Valley in the Cawston - Keremeos BC areas.

okanagan apricot varieties

Apricot trees are the first to flower in the Okanagan, from late March to mid April and the delicate blossoms must be thinned by hand. Varieties you can find here include Goldbar, Tomcot, Perfection, Sundrop and Tilton.

Most apricot varieties work well in apricot recipes.

Goldbar Apricot

One of the early types of apricots, Goldbar apricots are a yellow orange color with some red blushing over the skin. This variety is very large in size, with a sweet and zesty flavor to its flesh. The flesh is light orange, very firm, meaty and nicely juicy. Goldbar apricots are generally available from mid July to mid August.

Goldbar apricots are not very suitable for canning, but are excellent for fresh eating, and delicious when prepared in apricot desserts, jams, or a main dish such as an apricot chicken recipe.

Perfection Apricots

Perfection apricots are an older apricot variety that produces very large fruit, and are very good eaten fresh. A large, round, orange, and very attractive apricot. Perfection apricots ship very well, so if you're traveling home with apricots, these are a good choice. Perfections are very good canned, and in recipes like apricot muffins, apricot filled cookies, apricot pound cake and in dried apricot recipes. You can also use them fresh in apricot salads, and delicious homemade syrups. Perfection apricots are typically available from the end of July to the middle of August.

Tomcot Apricot

tomcot apricot varieties

Tomcots are one of the earlier apricot varieties grown in the Okanagan Valley. The Tomcot apricot variety is creamy yellow with a trace of blush that develops on the side that is exposed to the sun. The flesh of a tomcot is light orange, very firm, juicy, and it has a rich sweet flavor. Tomcot apricots make a very nice apricot jam, are excellent in any apricot recipes, such as apricot compote, syrups, canned apricots and as stewed apricots. It is one of the most flavorful apricots available in the Okanagan Valley, and is available beginning early July.

Sundrop Apricots

Sundrop apricots are a beautiful bright yellow - orange colored fruit with a firm flesh, a nice full bodied sweet apricot flavor and a good texture. They are round shaped, and the fruit has a lovely soft almost fuzzy feel to it. Sundrop apricots are great eaten fresh as a snack. They are also great for making apricot brandy or wine. Sundrops are delicious as home canned apricots, apricot jams and preserves, and in home made apricot desserts. These also make delicious sweet dried apricots and are excellent in an apricot tart! Sundrop apricots are available in the Okanagan Valley generally beginning the end of July to mid August.

Tilton Apricot

tilton apricot varieties

The Tilton apricot is a large to very large apricot with orange skin yellow-orange flesh and is one of the most flavorful, sweet-tart, of all apricots.

It tender and juicy, and is best when used fresh. Like other apricots, Tilton apricot can be stored in the refrigerator and will keep longer that way.

In the Okanagan, the Tilton is a favorite among apricot varieties, and is usually ready in mid August. Tilton apricots make delicious apricot preserves such as apricot compote or chutney, are excellent in a fresh apricot salad, baked in apricot pound cake, apricot bread and muffins.

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