Skaha Beach

Penticton BC

Skaha beach, at the south end of the city of Penticton, has much more green space, and easier parking access than Okanagan beach at the other end of the city.

Skaha Lake is a much smaller lake than Okanagan Lake, and the sand on this beach is much different as well, being a more coarse, reddish color.

And Skaha is very popular for wind surfing and kite surfing.

A warm sandy beach about a half mile long, Skaha Lake beach also has a walking path along the lake, where you can enjoy an early morning run, or a late evening stroll.

There are plenty of slides along the shore for kids to play on, and a few floating docks to swim to.

Swimming boundaries and drop off's are well marked with buoys, and signs. Beaches in the Okanagan do not have lifeguards.

skaha beach penticton bc canada

You'll also find:

- a beautiful large playground, lots of green space, and water splash park for children.

- beach volleyball, hockey ball court and basketball nets.

- lots of picnic tables, washrooms, beach slides and floating docks.

- a marina, boat launch, recreational watercraft rentals and 2 beachfront concessions.

skaha beach penticton canada

When you're at the beach, play around on the Skaha Solar Timepiece. Skaha Solar Timepiece, also called an analemmatic sundial, is an interesting structure that sits right on the beach and measures time by the position of the sun.

skaha solar timepiece

The sundial was built in 1984 and uses analemma to measure apparent solar time.

What's an analemma? Technically speaking, an Analemma is "a graduated scale of the sun's declination and of the the equation of time for each day of the year shaped in the figure 8".

The hour posts, which form an elliptical shape around the rectangular wooden structure, mark out in degrees the earth's rotation on its axis. On top of the wooden structure is the analemma which charts the earth's annual orbit around the sun; a sort of solar calendar.

When you stand on various posts around the analemma, you cast a shadow over it and your shadow will indicate Pacific Standard Time.

Oh, and by the way, when you do this, you're called a 'gnomon'.

peachfest sandcastle competition skaha beach

During Penticton's annual Peachfest in August, Skaha beach becomes an amazing sand art studio, where entrants compete for the best sand art creation. If you're here during that time, it's jam packed with people touring through the entire beach to see the displays, and it's well worth it.

Every year the masterpieces seem to get more and more creative and colorful, and it's something of a sight to see. You may even want to join in the fun and enter!

Skaha Beach has a nice playground, and water splash park for kids, beach volleyball, and beachfront vendors, all with plenty of big shady trees for hotter days.
More of summer holidays on Skaha beach pictures.

What's Near Skaha Beach?

The south end of the city is more quiet, and you can head out for a drive down Eastside Road, which runs along Skaha Lake to Okanagan Falls. There are a few nice wineries along the way, including the unique Blasted Church Vineyards, and Pentage Winery.

skaha beach motel penticton

Within a few short blocks from Skaha beach you'll find a variety of family friendly motel accommodations.

There are also a few lovely RV parks and some great local Penticton campgrounds. Most of these are an easy walking distance to the park and beachfront.

Many local accomodations offer short and long term rates throughout the year, but peak season is generally from May to October, and prices are higher at this time. Most motels are pet friendly, as are campgrounds, provided visitors mind the guidelines for pets. It's always good to verify pet policies beforehand.

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