Penticton Peachfest

Penticton Peachfest is the highlight of Okanagan festivals, fairs and events for many in the city of Penticton BC.

The Penticton Peach Festival Midway Is At Okanagan Beach
penticton peach festival

If you're here during the beginning of August, you'll want to take in this ever popular event, a true celebration of peach harvest.

Peaches have been grown in the Okanagan Valley sine the late 1800's.

The Penticton Peach Festival is a South Okanagan Valley tradition, that first began in 1947, and has carried on the tradition and celebration of fruit growing in this region.

Gyro Park, near Okanagan beach and downtown Penticton, is the center of the festival.

The Peach Festival Kicks Off With A Parade Along Okanagan Beach... penticton peachfest parade

Penticton Peachfest has everything from a pancake breakfast, dance competitions and live outdoor shows and music, to an action packed midway along the lake, arts, crafts, the tastiest peach dishes around, sandcastle competitions, music concerts, and late night fireworks take place during the festival.

There's actually two parades; a kiddies parade and the Grand Parade which is one of the largest in all of British Columbia.

The Famous Kettle Valley Steam Railway Train Is A Favorite At The Parade kettle valley railway steam car at the penticton peach festival

In 2008 and 2009, the Canadian Armed Forces 'Snowbirds' Demonstration Team attended. That was fantastic air show that everyone should see!

penticton peachfest airshow canadian armed forces snowbirds demonstration

The peach festival celebration begins on the morning of the first Wednesday after the long weekend in August, and runs for 5 days, finishing on Sunday night. (The holiday of the long weekend in August, is always on the first Monday in August, regardless of the actual date.)

Gyro Park Is Filled With People. There's Lots Of Food & Great Entertainment gyro park penticton peachfest

The festival is very family oriented, and cost about $2 per person to get in. Young children are free.

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