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penticton elvis festival elvis impersonators

All shook up about Elvis Presley?

The Penticton Elvis Festival is where many people around here get that way in June every year for one of the Okanagan's best summer music fesivals in Penticton BC.

Elvis Presley impersonators from all over come to Penticton to compete for the title of the best Elvis tributes perfomances.

And we get to enjoy 3 days of great Elvis music and entertainment.

It's also known as the Pacific Northwest Elvis Festival.

One year there was even a female tribute artist to the stage!

Okanagan Lake Park near the Penticton Lakeside Resort becomes a concert stage of Elvis Presley music at it's best.

The Penticton Elvis Festival usually cooincides with the Penticton Peach City Beach Cruise to make it an all around weekend of classic cars and music.

Summer fair vendors are always there with our favorite treats like mini donuts, corn dogs, and poutine.

And there's a beer garden for those of age alongside the park too!

No need to worry those suspicious minds about the cost.

For a very reasonable admission of $20 for the entire weekend, and kids 12 and under are free, we always have a relaxing and fun weekend, and this year was no exception.

Unfortunately if you ain't nothin' but a hound dog, you're not allowed in!

Sorry canine's you'll just have to listen to the Penticton Elvis festival from heartbreak hotel!

It's a pet free area.

elvis tribute artist on stage

If you do try to come in, you'll get the immediate return to sender stamp!

But pets, you can go for a walk (take your owner!) along Okanagan beach and check out all the cool classic cars at the Peach City Beach Cruise that takes place on the same weekend!

When the weather is beautiful, the hot Okanagan sun can really make for a warm day.

When we need to cool off we just duck out to the beach for a swim!

But not without snapping a few pictures.......

Elvis was everywhere!

Now please, don't be cruel, these crazy arms can't help falling in love with the annual Elvis Presley party in Penticton BC!

If you feel like you've lost that lovin' feeling for outdoor music festivals and summer outings, we suggest you surrender and catch this event!

You'll never walk alone while you're here!

Oh, and by the way Elvis, we can't stop loving you, you big hunk 'o love!

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