101 Things To Do In The Okanagan BC

Family Friendly Okanagan Vacation Fun!

Whether you're on a vacation here, or you live, work, and play here, there are so many wonderful attractions and things to do in the Okanagan, it's hard to do and see them all! 

Fun Things To Do On An Okanagan VacationRattlesnake Canyon Osoyoos BC

What you'll find is that it doesn't seem to matter what you're into, there are plenty of things to do for everyone, many of which are FREE or cost very little.

You can rent boats and other water sporting equipment and enjoy a day out on one of the lakes.

Or you can kick back and take a leisurely stroll through one of the local parks, visit the farmer's markets and enjoy fresh Okanagan fruit, arts and crafts, and explore the unique cottage industry.

There's cool and quaint shops to enjoy, cozy cafes, trails and parks for hiking and biking.

And of course the best beaches for relaxing under the summer skies and the enjoying the breeze off the lakes.  Our little paradise really has it all.

It's All About Fun...Fun...Fun.. In The Okanagan Valley

Here's 10 fun Okanagan tourism attractions and cool activities to get you started...

Visit The Salmon At Haig-Brown Provincial Park

Just outside of Salmon Arm, Roderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park is where the Adams River Salmon run takes place every fall. Millions of salmon migrate back to their birthplace to spawn. If you're here during a major run, which is every fourth year, it's an amazing phenomena of nature. (add it to your list of fun free things to do in the Okanagan).

Float the River Channel In Penticton

Talk to any local and they'll likely agree that the Penticton river channel is one of the funnest 101things to do in the Okanagan, and definitely a must do in Penticton.  And it's FREE, FREE, FREE... well, unless you need a ride back to the starting point.

fun floating penticton river channelRiver Channel Penticton British Columbia

If you haven't done this yet...

Get Some Gort's Gouda Cheese

101 fun things to do in the Okanagan number three...In Salmon Arm, Gort's Gouda has the best gouda cheese in the world! Enough said! I'm dreaming of squirrel bread toasted with fresh tomatoes off the vine, miracle whip and Gort's aged gouda cheese. You can stop in and see how they make cheese and taste some delicious cheese samples. P.S. Bring cash - you'll likely want to take some home!

Picnic At The Beach In Peachland

101 fun things to do in the Okanagan number four: The waterfront community of Peachland is a great place to have a picnic along the beach. There are picnic tables all along the shores and you can bring along a small barbeque. Afterwards, take a relaxing walk along the promenade and browse the unique shops.

There's a wonderful bakery - Bliss Bakery - that serves up delicious, baked fresh daily, all natural pastries and breads and also has organic coffee from Cherry Hill in Kelowna.

Enjoying A Day At An Okanagan Petting Zoo

Visit the Old Grist Mill in Keremeos BC

The mill was built in 1877, to grind flour for the gold rush miners, and produced flour for the Similkameen Valley residents, paving the way for farming and agricultural production. It's converted into a fun and interactive historic site for the entire family to enjoy. [More information...]

Walk Through The Corn Maze At DeMilles Market

In Salmon Arm, DeMille's farmers market is a fun place to go with kids to walk through the corn maze. It's cheap fun, takes about an hour, and good luck! Be sure to take bottled water because it gets really hot on a sunny day!  [Read more about walking through the corn maze at Demille's...]

Watch An Outdoor Play At The Caravan Farm Theatre

101 fun things to do in the Okanagan... number seven... In Armstrong BC, the Caravan Farm Theatre is an outdoor theatre company that puts on plays throughout the year. It's an amazing experience, great for families and kids and if you're here during the Christmas season, it's a spectacular time to go there.

Hike To Hardy Falls

Hardy Falls is on Deep Creek at the south end of Peachland BC, just across from Antler Beach homes. The walk to the falls takes about 30 minutes, and is not too difficult. There are plenty of places to stop, sit on a bench and enjoy the scenery. You'll likely even see some fish in the creek.

Dominion RadioAstrophysical Observatory Penticton BCDominion RadioAstrophysical Observatory Penticton BC

Visit the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory

Next on our list of 101 fun things to do in the Okanagan. It's the largest radio astronomy observatory in Canada and is located just south of Penticton at White Lake. It's a world-class facility for science and technology research related to radio astronomy. Telescopes on site collect natural radio signals from space. It's great cheap fun for the whole family! A very cool place to visit and a favorite of our 101 fun things to do in the Okanagan.

Take Some Pictures From Munson Mountain in Penticton

It's not really a hike, but just a bit of a climb. Take your camera, a book and sit while you watch over the lake and enjoy the view. You can see Skaha lake to the south, and looking north you can see the community of Naramata, as well as Sun-Oka beach and Giants Head Mountain in Summerland and beyond. It's a great place for photo taking and for watching the Canada Day fireworks in Penticton. [Read more on Munson Mountain...]

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