Skaha Lake

Okanagan British Columbia

Skaha Lake, one of the wonderful British Columbia lakes in the Okanagan Valley, lies between the south end of the city of Penticton and Okanagan Falls BC.

Popular for camping, boating, kite surfing and water sports, there are a number of campground resorts and excellent campsites along the hillsides and shorelines surrounding the lake.

Skaha is a much smaller lake than Lake Okanagan, and was officially given it's name in 1930 by the BC Government.

skaha lake at okanagan falls

Historical maps from 1930 and earlier labeled this lake "Dog Lake", which was translated to "Skaha" from the language of the aboriginal ancestors of the Okanagan.

Approximately 12 km long (7.5 miles) and 2 km wide (1.5 miles), in comparison to Okanagan Lake, it's neighbor, it is much less overwhelming if you're not used to being out on large bodies of water.

It's depth is about 54 meters (177 ft), and there's no lake monster here!

Skaha lake is a popular wind surfing and kite surfing lake, particularly at the north end which borders the city of Penticton.

On any given windy day, it's a delightful show of colorful kites, cutting the waves and flying about the shores along the beaches in Penticton.

It's quite a treat to watch these boats out on the lake racing or practicing this historical sport, and watching a race is even more exciting!

Camping On Skaha Lake

There are several beautiful camping spots along BC highway 97 between Penticton and OK Falls, near Kaleden BC and along the Kettle Valley Trail.

One of our favorite camping spots in the South Okanagan is Banbury Greens, along the Skaha lake shoreline near Kaleden, where the kids can swim, bike and fish.

At night we can see the city lights and still feel as though we are far far away from town!

There are also RV parks, both on and off the shores, as well as provincial campgrounds near the waters with access to the Kettle Valley for biking and hiking.

Campgrounds: bangury greens rv park and campground on Skaha Lake BC

Banbury Greens

Banbury is a pet-friendly family RV park and campground is 3 miles (4kms) south of Penticton in the community of Kaleden.

Peaceful campsites along the shoreline are shaded by lots of trees.

There's a playground and swimming area for kids, showers, firewood, ice and pay telephone. The KVR trail passes through Banbury, so we take our bikes and ride to Okanagan Falls or to Penticton.

Camp-Along Tent & Trailer Resort

Camp-Along is a pet friendly family oriented campground located in an apricot & pear orchard along highway 97 above Skaha Lake.

There is a swimming pool, playground, modern washrooms/showers, store and laundry facility.

When the pears and apricots are ripe, you can pick them right off the trees and enjoy fresh delicious Okanagan fruit!

sun and sand rv park skaha lake okanagan falls bc

Sun & Sand RV Resort

Sun & Sand RV Resort is located on Skaha Lake beachfront in the community of OK Falls and is surrounded by city park on both sides.

It has it's own private beach, with an excellent, shallow swimming area.

Sun & Sand has wireless internet, a playground, dock and firepit, laundry, washrooms and showers, and is one of the friendliest RV parks we've visited.

There is easy access to the KVR trail and local shopping, and lots of grassy room to play.

A leisurely drive along the east side of the lake, called Eastside road (or Lakeside road), from Penticton to OK Falls will take you along scenic winding roads with spectacular views, a few fantastic wineries, and delicious fruit orchards. Where you'll end up is at the best Ice Cream Parlor in the Okanagan Valley!

Just above the lake you can discover the popular Skaha rock climbing bluffs, that attract climbing thrill seekers every year, and offer surprisingly amazing views of the Okanagan Valley, as well as a place for great hiking in the Okanagan highlands.

The main beaches on Skaha Lake are at Penticton and Okanagan Falls BC.

There you can rent various water crafts for leisure recreation, or if you're bringing your own boat, you'll find convenient boat launches to access the water from.

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