Apple Fruit

Apple Types & Varieties

There are different types of apple fruit that harvest at different times from early summer to late fall.

Many apple varieties differ widely in appearance, characteristics of flesh, their availability during apple season, as well as their suitability for different uses.

Flavor, crispness and juiciness also varies with different types of apples, and depends on fruit maturity at the time it is picked.

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They can be sweet, tart, smooth and soft, or crisp and crunchy, depending on the type and variety.

A summer apple, for example, is softer, less juicy, often just as sweet as fall fruit, but doesn't keep as long.

Summer varieties are excellent fresh eating fruit, and are used for baking, cooking and preserves just like the fall varieties.

Fall apple types are the absolute best.

They are juicy, crisp and have a more intense flavor than summer varieties.

Many fall apples will keep for a long time, and if stored properly can even keep over winter.

Several types of apples were developed
in the Okanagan Canada

At the Summerland Research Station, also referred to as Agriculture Canada's Pacific Agri-Food Research Station, In 1914, the Canadian federal government established the Dominion Experimental Farm to study this, the 'dry belt', region of British Columbia for the tree fruit and grape industries.

The first apple breeding program began in 1924, and since then, we've seen new varieties of fruits developed. Some of the types of apples developed here have included the Sinta, Spartan and Summer Red apple.

Apple Varieties In The Okanagan British Columbia

Apple fruit growing is the hallmark of the Okanagan fruit and orchard industry, and apples have been grown commercially here since the late 1800's, and along with the many types of Okanagan fruit, we enjoy apples fresh off the tree every year!

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Summer apple varieties you'll find in the Okanagan include Summerreds, Ginger Gold, Royal Gala, Sunrise, Transparents, Sinta Apple, and the classic McIntosh Apple.

Fall apples like Honeycrisp, Jonagold and Fuji are what we look forward to the most. Other fall varieties grown here are Empire, Ambrosia, Golden Delicious, Spartans, Mitsu and Ida Reds. And of course there's the classic Granny Smith apples too!

The climate in the Okanagan is well suited for the production of apple fruit with low annual rainfall and plentiful sunshine, and lots of summer heat.

The British Columbia apple industry is centered in the Okanagan Valley from Salmon Arm in the North Okanagan to Osoyoos in the South Okanagan, and the Similkameen Valley. If you love apple fruit, you've come to the right place to find a great variety of local harvested fruit and vegetables. Enjoy!

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