Okanagan Fruit Ripening Dates

Fruit Picking Season & Schedule

Here are all the Okanagan fruit ripening dates to help you get the best farm fresh fruit while you're here!!

Looking for delicious Okanagan fruit to pick at just the right time? Okanagan fruit orchard with decorated trees

Keep in mind, harvest times are general guidelines, and blossom times are average, and weather dependent.

Cherries are the first fruit to harvest; early June in the South Okanagan, Osoyoos area, and the fruit growing season finishes with apples in late fall.

You can find many different varieties of each fruit, and harvest times overlap by a week or two, so you have a good choice.

It's always a good idea to call ahead a week or two before harvest time to ensure fruit is ready for picking. You can find a list of local u-picks and farm fresh markets here.

If you prefer not to pick your own fruit, most local markets sell baskets and bulk, but the price of fruit will be higher, especially at the beginning of harvest.


Area Blossom Time Harvest Time
South Okanagan Mid April Late June - Late July
Central Okanagan Late April Early July - Early August
North Okanagan Late April Early July - Early August

Hey, check out more pages about cherries here...


Area Blossom Time Harvest Time
South Okanagan Late April August - Late October
Central Okanagan Late April - Early May September - Late October
North Okanagan Mid May September - Late October

Apples are so delicious when picked right off the tree on a cold fall day - really! Plus there's so many yummy things you can make with apples! And, did you know, several types of apples were even developed in the Okanagan Canada! We're kind of famous for it. ;-) Check out more pages about apples here...


Area Blossom Time Harvest Time
South Okanagan Mid April August - September
Central Okanagan Late April  Mid August - Mid September
North Okanagan Late April - Early May Mid August - Mid September

Did you know, there are more than 5,000 pear varieties grown throughout the world? Some common varieties you'll find in the Okanagan include Yellow Bartlett, Red Bartlett and the D'Anjou Pear. All are excellent eaten fresh or in salads, canned or even baked. Here's more about pear fruit in the Okanagan...


Area Blossom Time Harvest Time
South Okanagan Mid April Mid August - Mid September

There are more than 10 different varieties of plumns grown here in the Okanagan, and they generally harvest from the beginning of August until the end of September. Not sure about the types of plums, yellow, red, or dark varieties? Or are you wondering which are best for eating fresh? Or, for baking, canning freezing and drying? Read on... :-)


Area Blossom Time Harvest Time
South Okanagan Mid April Mid July - Early August
Central and North Okanagan Late April Late July - August

Peach fruit has been grown and celebrated in the Okanagan Valley since the late 1800's. There's something about peach season that we look forward to so much each year. Whether it's getting out and picking fresh peaches, or heading to the Peachfest festival to celebrate the fruitful bounties of the region. Peaches begin to harvest at different times during the summer, usually starting in early July.


Area Blossom Time Harvest Time
South Okanagan Early April Mid July - Early August
Central and North Okanagan Mid April Late July - Early August

Apricot fruit is generally ready for harvest in the Okanagan from early July to mid August, although they blossom eary, and you'll find them grown in the southern part of the Okanagan region and the Similkameen Valley in the Cawston - Keremeos BC areas. Here's lots more about apricots...

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