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Choosing an Okanagan camping cabin for a vacation can offer an affordable, cozy and comfortable place to relax and enjoy summer camping in BC.

Many people prefer a cabin rental to tenting. It can also offer a winter camping experience too.

Many camping cabins and resorts in the Okanagan are surrounded by beautiful forest, along quiet lakes, in areas where you hear little other than the sound of nature.

A camping vacation story...

We've found Cozy Cabins to be the perfect spot for our family over the years.

It is one of the few places that we can bring our kids and let them be kids without worrying about them.

Cozy Cabins Okanagan Camping Cabin Resort fishing at cozy cabins okanagan bc

The cabins are spaced far apart and not stacked on top of one another. The place is small enough that other guests don't crowd you, yet you have the freedom to roam for miles. You can do so much in both the summer and the winter seasons.

In the summer the lake is perfect for swimming and fishing and the rope swing is always tons of fun. There is even a sandy beach for lounging.

In the forest and meadows you can pick buckets of wild berries before breakfast and use them for pancakes or on your cereal.

For dinner you have the option of using the cabin's bbq, or cooking a full course meal over the fire. There are grills and cast iron woks to use at the main culinary fire pit, or you can choose to roast a sausage on a stick at your cabin's personal fire pit. Mondays are pot-luck days and a good chance to meet the other families staying at the resort.

Camping Cabin at Cozy Cabins Resort cozy cabin resort okanagan bc

There are only seven cabins so it feels like a little community for the week. And usually the kids make friends with other children their age.

During the day there always seem to be a few small farm animals wondering around that the kids love interacting with. On top of it all the resort is sandwiched between Provincial Park and Ecological Reserve and there are phenomenal hikes with views that stretch over the whole valley.

Eco Lake is right next door as well so Salmon fishing is only a two minute walk away.

In the winter you can cuddle up by the woodstove or go sledding on one of the many hills around the property.

winter camping cozy cabins okanagan bc

Occasionally we'll go out for a snowshoe. Of course the lake freezes over for skating, hockey or ice fishing. For the kids there's always snowball fights, sledding, skating and the good old smore fire.

The activities are really only limited to your imagination.

One of the things that we enjoy about this Okanagan camping cabin resort the most is the simplicity of the place. There isn't any cell service or wifi, so you are forced to interact with your cabin mates.

The place really lets you get back to what life is supposed to be like. Family, friends and few laughs.

However, the true magic of Cozy Cabins lies in your senses.

creek bridge

If you were to just sit on your cabin porch and take it all in, you would be overwhelmed by all the things you saw, heard and smelled.

There is an abundance of flora and fauna.

Because of where it is situated, Cozy Cabins has a very unique environment.

It straddles the gateway to the moist Monashee Mountains but still has traces of the Okanagan desert. Therefore you can find plant species from a wide range of climatic zones ranging from cactus to ferns. There is an abundance of wildlife as well.

We almost always see deer and lots of small game including birds, rabbits, squirrels and frogs. There are plenty of ducks with ducklings in the summer including the elusive loon.

Additionally you can truly smell the fresh air out there. It smells like cedar, pine, grasses and wildflowers.

It doesn't seem to get as hot as the central Okanagan Valley either. We've never felt the stifling heat you can get in the lower regions of BC.

At night you can hear the frogs come out and sing their chorus to you over the babble of the creek. Often you'll here the call of a loon just as the sun is setting and watch the stars come out.

There is no light pollution to block the thousands of stars that blanket the sky and at the end of another day you'll wonder why you would ever want to leave.

Cozy Cabins Okanagan Camping cabin resort is located in the North Okanagan Valley BC, just a short drive from the city of Vernon. The resort borders Echo Lake Provincial Park and is surrounded by the beautiful Monashee Mountain range, a true reflection of what a vacation at Okanagan British Columbia nature resorts are all about. Visit Cozy Cabins Okanagan Camping Cabin Resort

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