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There have been many documented sightings of the Ogo Pogo (aka Ogopogo) Okanagan Lake monster over the years.

Some evidence was so strong it convinced even the Canadian government that the evasive lake demon really existed back then.


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Here are some fun and interesting facts about our legendary Okanagan Lake monster:

Historically, Ogopogo was first spotted in 1872 by local Okanagan resident, Mrs. John Allison.

  • In 1914 a group of people discovered the decomposing body of an unidentified creature across from Rattlesnake Island. This creature was five to six feet long and estimated to weigh 400 pounds, and blue-grey in color. It had a tail and flippers, and an amateur naturalist in the area felt that it was a manatee.

  • On September 16, 1926, 'something' was watched by some 30 cars of people along an Okanagan Mission beach. Not many monsters have been seen at one time by so many people, especially at one time!

  • In 1926 the Canadian government (apparently) announced that the new ferry being built for travel across the Okanagan Lake would also be equipped with special "monster repelling devices". - Um, I can hear you laughing!

  • In July 1947, a number of boaters saw the Canadian lake monster, again, all at the same time!

  • ogopogo stamp
  • A Canadian postage stamp depicting an artist's conception of the Ogopogo was issued by the Government of Canada in 1990.

  • "Ogopogo" was both the mascot and the codename for 1996's Microsoft Publisher 97.

  • A monster named "Ogopogo," a large serpent, appears in Square's video game "Final Fantasy IV".

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