Canning Peaches

Tips & Home Canning Recipes For Peach Fruit

If you're planning on canning peaches, you should try to do so within a day or two of bringing them home. Here we have our own home canning recipes for peach friut.

You can use the fruit syrup recipe in other recipes for canning fruits as well.

This page gives you a good idea for preparing peach fruit in terms of how much you'll need per canning jar.

Canned peaches will have a shelf life of 12 - 18 months....depending on how much you eat, of course.

They make a perfect winter dessert!

Canning peaches can be done with water, syrup, apple juice or even grape juice, and are much tastier than canned peaches bought from the store.

Here's a few tips we've learned over the years
for canning peaches and other fresh fruits....

canning peaches picked from peach tree fresh

Plan on 2 - 3 pounds of peaches per quart jar.

Wash the peaches and then dip them in boiling water for about 30 - 60 seconds, then dip them in cold water immediately following. The peels should then slip off easily.

Fruit Fresh® is a natural mix of citric acid and vitamin C, and can be used to prevent browning of peaches while they're waiting to go into jars.

Another simple way to keep the fruit from turning brown is to sprinkle 1/4 cup lemon juice over the fruit.

Pack peaches into hot jars cavity side down in overlapping layers.

Leave about a 1/2" head room to ladle hot syrup over the peaches. There should be about 1/4" headspace left for processing.

Remove all air bubbles using a knife or any other long flat object. Simply slide the knife around the inner sides of the jar.

Canned jars should be left for 24 hours undisturbed before putting in storage. Check to ensure each jar is properly sealed (the lid is dented in) before storing.

Store in a cool room, away from direct sunlight.

We use the raw pack method for canning peaches and other home canning recipes for fruits.

canning peaches
  • Light: 1 1/3 cups sugar to 4 cups water or juice.
  • Medium: 2 1/2 cups sugar to 4 cups water or juice.
  • Heavy: 4 3/4 cups sugar to 4 cups water or juice.

4 cups = 1 quart

Cook until sugar is dissolved. Keep hot until ready to use. Use about 1-1/2 cups of syrup for each quart of fruit.

Growing up on the Canadian prairies, we had to wait patiently every year for peaches to appear in our markets. Mom would can them, (Redhavens were moms favorite of all the peach varieties!) and we had the best, delicious canned peaches all winter long! Lucky for us, mom was a great cook, baker, preserver and jam maker, among other things!

You can check out Okanagan fruit ripening dates here for the harvest times for peaches and other Okanagan fruit, and be sure to check out our favorite peach dessert recipes too!

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