Ogopogo Sightings

Film & Ogopogo Video Footage

Ogopogo sightings have been documented for years.

Watch some of this convincing video footage and judge for yourself.... is he living or legend? These are some of many documented video's and pictures of the Okanagan Lake demon.

This is what someone saw when they went swimming one day!

A recent search for Ogopogo of Lake Okanagan was the week of November 3rd, 2008.

A documentary was filmed for the History Channel.

Click here to go to history.com for the MonsterQuest episode of the most recent search. They used some modern technologies such as thermal imaging, hydrosound technology, sonar and dive teams.

During this filming a small partly-decayed carcass of an unknown aquatic species was found in a cave in 60 ft. of water, on the west side of Rattlesnake Island.

The sample was sent to the Biodiversity Institute in Guelph, Ontario for tissue DNA determination.

The carcass was not readily identifiable by either the crew or the divers, which led them to believe there could be a new species of 'something' in Okanagan Lake.

Ogopogo sightings recorded for years and many documents, photos and such sightings were so convincing, that even the Canadian government took action.

Some folks just don't take Ogo Pogo seriously....

MYSTERIOUS PLANET Episode - 3 For centuries, mysterious creatures have been sighted, photographed, and videotaped in countless lakes across the planet.

We've hidden Ogopogo in this picture. How many times can you find him?

Ogopogo sightings...Some believe and some do not....... how about you? If there's a real Ogopogo...he's on Twitter now!

Love The Okanagan? :-)

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