Finding Cheap Canadian Air Travel
To The Okanagan BC

If you can save a few dollars on air fare why not! It's not hard to find cheap Canadian air travel to the Okanagan British Columbia.

You can usually get some pretty good air fares on flights to Kelowna and the Okanagan if you take time and look around a bit.

In the Okanagan peak tourist season is generally between May and October.

September begins to slow down as everyone goes home to get kids ready for school, but the weather is still beautiful! In fact, some September days can see temperatures in the high 20's Celsius.

And it's a perfect time to visit beautiful Okanagan wineries, attend the Fall Wine Festival or do some fall camping in the Okanagan.

You can often find excellent deals for cheap airfare in Canada at that time.

Another busy time of the year in the Okanagan is over Christmas holidays. Many people come here for winter vacation to enjoy skiing and snowboarding at local ski resorts. Christmas holidays, which start around mid December in the Okanagan, are generally busy with air travel.

Here are a some tips for finding the best deals on cheap Canadian air travel and cheap airline travel deals in general:

airplane graphic When is the best time to fly to the Okanagan BC?
It's not only the time of day, but the day of the week. Sunday nights, Monday mornings and Friday afternoons are generally busy with business travelers, so flights are more expensive. Flying mid-week is usually less expensive as demand for week-end travel increases with people trying to get home on time for work Monday.
airplane graphic When searching for air fares in Canada use flexible dates...
Many airline fare searches give you a three day parameter around your chosen date. This will help you find the best price and the best schedule for your flight.
airplane graphic Avoiding crowded flights...
If you're trying to avoid crowds and the day of the week doesn't matter, Saturdays, Sunday mornings, Monday afternoons and Friday mornings generally can be quieter times for air travel.
airplane graphic Consider visiting the Okanagan during the 'off season'.
Slow periods usually span a few weeks on either end of peak season when the weather is nice but tourism is slow. These times are an ideal time to travel and you'll likely find better deals on hotels and restaurants as well.
airplane graphic Very early or very late flights are often cheaper...
As are flights with layovers or multiple stops. If you don't mind stopovers or traveling on the off hours, there are early morning and late evening flights to Kelowna, and cheap air travel is often the easiest to find if you are flexible this way.
airplane graphic Keeping up to date with price trends and special offers..
If you're planning your trip to the Okanagan during summer, or well in advance, subscribe to newsletters or email alerts about flights to Kelowna. This way you can keep up to date and aware of current or upcoming deals that you may miss otherwise.

Check out these best resources for finding airline travel deals
and cheap air travel to the Okanagan online.

Expedia - Expedia offers exclusive travel deals, book cheap flights, discount hotels, vacation packages & other deals at Expedia, the world's leader in online travel.

Travelocity - Travelocity is a 'one-stop shop' for any travel. The company offers packages and specials on airfares in Canada, hotel, car rental and auto insurance. You can often find good last minute cheap Canadian air travel deals. In addition, Travelocity offers hotel gift cards.

Most importantly, take your time - you'll find great deals on cheap Canadian air travel. There are several to choose from, so you want to check as many online bookings so you can to find the best rates.

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