by Mina

I am planning a vacation in BC interior. I do not which city to choose, but I would like to go to the one that has a good waterpark.

Would you please guide me as I never be there before. Thank you.

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Okanagan Vacation Guide writes:

Hi Mina,

Thanks so much for sending in your question. We're glad you're planning a vacation in the Okanagan. It's very beautiful here.

The city of Vernon BC has the only outdoor water slide park in the Valley. Atlantis Water Slides is located just north of the city along highway 97.

Atlantis Water Slides is open from the beginning of June through September long weekend.

Vernon BC is about 45 minutes north of Kelowna, where you'll find lots of family attractions and summer activities in addition to the waterpark, including the O'Keefe Ranch, Allan Brooks Nature Centre and Planet Bee Honey farms.

Vernon is also host to several summer festivals that are very popular including the Rarearth Music Festival which is great for families.

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