Penticton Canada Best Sandwich Ever

Yes There Is A Best Sandwich And Deli In The World!

And yes, Penticton Canada makes the best sandwich ever!

In the city of Penticton you'll find numerous delicious bakeries, specialty coffee shops, fresh meat shops, cafes, and some wonderful casual and fine dining.

Each one has it's signature dish.

Theo's for Greek.

Lost Moose Lodge for BBQ.

Bellevue Cafe for great coffee....and some interesting art!

Grimm's for the best Mennonite's to grill at home.

And, La Casa Ouzeria for Italian.

Now, as for fresh sandwiches....

The city of Penticton Canada really does have the best sandwich ever!

Are You Hungry?

penticton canada best sandwich ever

Today's lunch was a mouth watering 4 meat deli sandwich with pepper salami, mortadella, and ham and turkey...

.....fully dressed with fresh crisp lettuce, sun dried tomatoe, pickled eggplant, hot mustard and spicy jalapeno havarti...

.....on a delicious fresh baked, soft italian bun!

Il Vecchio's Deli And Sandwich Shop


This, a little out of the way Italian deli and sandwich shop is close to downtown Penticton, but not quite in the main downtown core.

When you walk in to this cozy deli, you'll first notice that there is always a line up!

But you'll never see an impatient soul in that line....because we all know that great things are worth waiting for!


Il Vecchio's not only makes the best sandwich ever, but they have also a wonderful variety of specialty foods, dried Italian pastas, imported gourmet treats, and a deli meat counter with the freshest, tastiest meats!

The service is tip top, fast, and friendly.

And the atmosphere is fresh, cheery and inviting!

And we love how they wrap their sandwiches in butcher paper!

You can even call ahead to order, and they'll have your sandwich ready for you to pick up!

We take our sandwich out sometimes, to enjoy luch in the park, and other times we sit at one of the cozy window tables to enjoy a relaxing time and a hearty lunch.

how to find il vecchios penticton

How To Find Il Vecchio's Sandwich And Deli
317 Robinson Street
Penticton Canada V2A 4M9
Telephone: (250) 492-7610

Be sure to take a hearty appetite with you and enjoy Penticton Canada best sandwich ever!

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