Parrot Island Bird Sanctuary

Peachland BC

Parrot Island bird sanctuary, in Peachland BC, is an exotic bird resuce facility that provides a home for unwanted exotic pet birds.

It's a great place to visit and learn all about exotic birds, right here in the Okanagan.

The sanctuary began in 1997 by an Okanagan couple who knew of the need to a refuge for birds of the parrot family that are unwanted, abused, or homeless.

Our day trip here turned into a wonderful educational and eye opening experience about exotic birds and why they sometimes need resuce.

And we did have a lot of fun!

Beautiful exotic birds of all kinds.

...Parrots, Macaws, Cockatoos and Parakeets.

They danced for us, entertained us, shreiked and whistled.

They talked, did tricks, and cried loudly when we turned our attention to another bird.

Parrots And Exotic Bird Pets Facts

exotic pet birds at parrot island peachland bc

Parrots in the wild are in danger because their natural habitat is being destroyed.

Many are being caught for illegal pet trade. Some are killed for their feathers. And some kinds have become extinct.

Many birds become unwanted birds, hence the need for exotic bird rescue.

They are purchased by people who don't realize that they are a considerable, and often a lifetime commitment.

Often people don't realize the extent of care that is required by exotic pet birds, and these birds end up creating more havock than happiness in the home.

How does this happen?

If your exotic bird, or parrot does not get enough attention, it will shreik loudly, and continuously, until you pay attention to it.

And they don't mix well with babies and children, therefore becoming a problem in a family situation.

unwanted exotic birds

Parrots actually become attached to one person in the household, and become possessive of them by chasing and even attacking other family members.

They ultimately become unwanted birds.

Parrot Island Bird Sanctuary has accepted exotic bird rescue from families when a parrot has created so much uproar in the home, that the family has become at risk of separating.

Caring for parrots can be very expensive, especially when there are so many birds to look after.

Did you know that parrots can live for 50 to 70 years? And some can actually live for over 100 years!

Bringing a parrot into your home is just like bringing in a brand new baby. They require a great deal of attention and time. For a parrot to be a happy companion bird, it requires 2 - 3 hours of attention every single day.

They enjoy getting out of their cages, exercising and socializing.

And parrots and exotic pet birds are very intelligent. Scientists have discovered that a parrot is as smart as a 6 year old child, and some are even smarter, being able to speak several hundred words.

What Can Happen To Exotic Pet Birds - Feather Plucking

unwanted birds

Some birds in the sanctuary pluck their feathers. It's hard to see these birds without feeling heart broken for them, when they do this.

Some people think it's because the birds feel bored or stressed. Other's feel it's a genetic tendancy.

Although there are many thoughts on why this happens, there is no concrete evidence to prove the cause of feather plucking.

Aside from this, feather plucking in these beautiful birds can be detrimental to their well being.

Feathers protect a bird from heat and cold, and allow birds to fly.

Some birds at the sanctuary were taken there because of feather plucking, and sadly these birds have already bonded with their owners and become very lonely when they are left behind. Although they receive tremendous attention and love at Parrot Island, their behaviour doesn't change, making them undesirable as pets in other homes.

Visiting Parrot Island Bird Sanctuary

Since it's founding, Parrot Island bird sanctuary has become home to more than 100 exotic birds from all over Canada.

Parrot Island also runs a program where birds are matched up with individuals in the Okanagan Valley that could benefit from the love and companionship of one of these amazing birds.

Both end up benefiting from the mutual love and affection they both share.

The Friends Of The Parrot Sanctuary Society, a volunteer group, was formed to raise money and assist in the support of Parrot Island Bird Sanctuary.

exotic bird rescue

To date they have raised awareness through educational tours for visitors, and financial support through yard sales, donations, and labor such as yard and farm work.

Are you intrigued by parrots?

Would you like to know more about them?

The Society offers a membership and publishes a newsletter four times a year to create ongoing awareness and education about exotic pet birds.

To become a member of the The Friends Of The Parrot Sanctuary Society please visit their website for more information.

If you or your family would like to donate to the care of these exotic pets here's how you can do it:

When you visit the Sanctuary, please consider bringing along a donation.

Food Supplies: Hazelnuts (in shell), raw, tea biscuits, commercial parrot seed or canary mix, fresh carrots, dried beans, sunflower seeds, millet, chicken scratch and rabbit pellets are all suitable food donations.

Toys: hard plastic baby teething toys.

Visit Parrot Island Bird Sanctuary at:
5090 MacKinnon Road
Peachland, BC V0H 1X2
Phone: (250) 767-9030
Summer Hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Open 7 days a week in the summer
You can also visit in the winter, but do call the sanctuary for a reservation.

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