Driving To The Okanagan Canada From The USA

Travel Routes & Helpful Tips To Plan Your Road Trip

Are you driving to the Okanagan Canada from the USA? British Columbia Canada's Okanagan Valley awaits you. :-)

This page provides some helpful tips for planning your drive to BC Canada and the Okanagan Valley from the United States.

We've also provided some sample Google maps with routes and points of entry into BC Canada from the pacific northwest USA.

There are many online map and trip planning tools that you can use to plan a travel route that suits you best.

You can calculate driving times and distances, find places to stop along the way (in case you get hungry), and you can even find gas prices, hotels (if you're on an overnight trip), along with other cool stuff.

You can also use apps to access your map from your smartphone, iPhone, or other mobile device, which is super handy, and an eco-friendly alternative to paper maps.

Whether you're traveling by RV or car, British Columbia travel is really very beautiful! There's so much to see along the way, and if you're not in a rush, the drive is well worth it.

Why map your travel route?

map okanagan canada

Well, you can share your map with friends or family, so that they know exactly what route you are travelling to get here, in case of an emergency.

Or, if you're not in a rush, you might have want to plan some interesting detours along the way, and you can plan your trip accordingly.

And we also know that GPS isn't necessarily the most reliable, especially if you detour, so finding directions and mapping your route ahead can save you valuable travel time and potential headaches. ;-)

Helpful Tips For Planning & Mapping Your Route To The Okanagan Canada

Within a short 150 km (90 miles) north of the United States border, Kelowna BC is easily accessible by car via BC Highway 1, 3 or 5.

Since Kelowna is central to the Okanagan British Columbia, you can estimate within an hour or two the distance and driving time for other cities and towns in the Okanagan Canada.

Depending on your route, you'll have a few different options for which border crossing you come into BC through.

British Columbia Highway 97 meets with U.S. Route 97 in the south at the international border crossing north of Oroville Washington. This route brings you directly into the Okanagan, at Osoyoos, BC.

Driving in British Columbia Canada is similar to driving in the U.S.A., except that we use the metric standard of measurement, so our speed limit signs are in 'KM' (kilometers) rather than 'MPH' (miles) per hour. Travel distances are also posted in kilometers.

1 kilometer is .621371 miles (it's easier to round it off to .62).

Before crossing the US-Canada international border, you'll want to be up to date about passport requirements and explore information about the Nexus Card, which can help you cross the border quicker.

Travel Routes To The Okanagan Canada From The US

To show you some examples of driving routes from the USA - British Columbia Okanagan Canada, we've created a few route maps to the Okanagan Valley.

Click the 'View Larger Map' link to open the map in a separate window and view it full screen. Be sure to come back. ;-)

Drive Spokane WA USA > British Columbia > Okanagan Canada

U.S. Highway 395 connects to Canada Highway 3 West and Highway 33 North.

Via Hwy 395:

The driving distance between the cities of Spokane and Kelowna BC is about 255 miles (410 km), and approximately 5 hours (without and unexpected delays).

Your point of entry into BC Canada is at the Laurier Washington - Cascade BC border crossing. This office is open from 8 A.M. to midnight, 7 days a week.

Drive Seattle WA USA > British Columbia Canada > Okanagan

Via Interstate 5:

You can travel into Canada from Seattle Washington via Interstate 5 to Vancouver.

US I5 connects to British Columbia Canada Highway 1, where you'll travel to BC Highway 5 and Highway 97C North, or to the Hope-Princeton highway (BC Hwy 3) and through the southern route to the Okanagan Valley.

The driving distance is about 504 km or roughly 313 miles

You'll cross the US British Columbia Canada border at Sumas-Abbotsford. The customs office is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Driving Las Vegas NV USA > Okanagan BC Canada

This route from Las Vegas NV To the Okanagan Canada takes you...

Via Interstate 15:

To Butte Montana, then follow Interstate 90 to Spokane.

From Spokane, US 395 north to the US - Canada border at Osoyoos BC.

Cross the U.S. Canada border at the Oroville-Osoyoos point of entry. The border crossing at Osoyoos is open 24hrs/day and often has no delays.

Other helpful tips for planning your drive to the Okanagan Canada...

We wish you a safe and happy drive to the Okanagan Canada, in British Columbia paradise! :-)

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