Where Do Your Okanagan BC
Best Golf Vacations Happen?

okanagan best golf vacations sage mesa golf course We humbly have to say that our best golf vacations are usually on a mini golf course rather than the big fairways, though, it's not for lack of appreciation of the game, or our desire for becoming better golfers.

But those we know who love to golf in the Okanagan tell us that there is no better place to be to enjoy the variety of courses that suit every golf skill level.

best golf vacations okanagan british columbia golf course

They say it really is a golfer's paradise!

We get a lot of emails asking about the top Okanagan golf courses....

So, we've found all the courses, golf resorts, RV and golf destinations, and created handy online maps to help our readers find them and plan their next golfing vacations in the Okanagan, and now.....

we need you to chime in and tell us....

Read What Other Golfers Say About Okanagan Golf Courses!

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Twin Lakes Golf Course 
Hello all golf readers...I am from Saskatchewan, I have relatives in the Okanagan Valley and I love to play golf. I have played many golf courses in the …

Predator Ridge Golf Resort Not rated yet
I noticed that the 2 courses listed under the description for Predator Ridge Golf Resort in Vernon are "Osprey" and "Red Tail". These courses no longer …

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