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Penticton weather in summer is beautiful... penticton overlooking okanagan lake in summer

Penticton climate and weather is said to be among the warmest in Canada.

With a mild year round climate, not much rain, and hot dry summers, the Penticton, BC Okanagan region is considered to have a semi-arid climate because of our geographical location as bordering the Great Basin Desert region.

Penticton is at a Latitude: 49.5° Longitude: 119.6° Altitude: 344.12 meters.

During the summer months, the Penticton Okanagan Valley is among the hottest areas in the country, with the warmest lakes, and an average summer water temperatures of 24°C (75°F).

Okanagan Lake is the primary source of water for most activities in the region.

The Okanagan Valley region is protected from severe weather by the Pacific Coastal mountain ranges. During the winter the average temperatures (historical Penticton weather chart) is about -1° Celsius.

That's not to say we don't get colder weather though. A winter 'cold snap' does happen and we see Okanagan Lake and Skaha Lake partially freeze over some years.

A cold winter snap in January can leave the waterfront icy penticton in winter

Winter climate in Penticton is mild, and for those who enjoy the snow, when we do see some flakes come down, we only hope they won't melt before they hit the ground!

Many days during the winter it will rain in the city, but that only means one thing... it's either sunny or snowing at Apex Ski Resort!

sunshine at apex ski resort

Because Penticton and most of the Okanagan Valley is often covered by a blanket of cloud in the winter months (we see most of our sunshine from spring through fall).. the sight of light snow or rain is an invitation to fresh powder on the slopes.

And once we get up to Apex Mountain Ski Resort, we are often above the clouds where the sun is shining bright.

Spring and fall are beautiful times to be here. Although daytime temperatures in the fall are sometimes still in the mid to high 20's, night time temperatures are much cooler, unlike parts of the summer where it doesn't cool off a lot at night.

During the fall the skies are beautiful, the air
is fresh and crisp, and the views are still outstanding!
penticton has a beautiful warm fall season

If you're interested in historical Penticton weather you can see here the month by month averages and climate charts for the city.

Average Penticton Weather Month By Month
Temp C°
-1.7 .7 4.7 9.0 13.6 17.4 20.4 20.1 14.9 8.7 3.1 -1.1
Temp C°
15.7 16.6 21.7 29.6 33.9 37.7 40.6 38.9 36.6 28.9 19.4 14.4
26.8 22.5 22.3 26.6 37.3 38.9 27.9 30.7 24.7 19.7 27.1 28.4

Penticton Weather/Climate Charts

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