Hot Sands Beach Kelowna City Park

One Of The Best Okanagan Beaches

Hot Sands Beach is located in Kelowna City Park right in the downtown core.  It's the largest of all beaches in Kelowna and is quite busy during the summer months. There's no doubt this is one of the nicest Kelowna beaches.

hot sands beach kelowna city parkHot Sands Beach Kelowna City Park

The convenience of being right in the Kelowna downtown core is something we really love about Hot Sands. The views are also great and there's lots of boat traffic including sailboats passing by regularly. Swimming is good here and swim areas are marked. As always, take special care not to pass the marked areas as there are deep and sudden drop offs.

There is no lack of beautiful views no matter where you look. Here is the view of downtown Kelowna (looking north) from the waterfront walk near Hot Sands Beach. 

view of downtown kelowna from hot sands beach city parkView of Downtown Kelowna From Hot Sands City Park

As you walk in this direction you'll end up passing by the boats near Stuart Park and on toward The Grand Okanagan Hotel & Resort.

When you're on vacation in Kelowna and the Okanagan even if you're not into spending a day on the beach you'll want to at least take a walk through Kelowna City Park and the downtown area. There are many very unique shops, boutiques and restaurants. And downtown Bernard Street is always very busy with lots of people strolling around. It really makes you feel like you're somewhere special... which of course you are!

Many people enjoy the space on this beach.  There's a lot of room to relax.  There's also activities on the beach like beach volleyball which is a draw for the younger crowds.

beach volleyball hot sands beach kelowna bcBeach Volleyball At Hot Sands City Park

City Park Kelowna has a great waterpark for kids.  There's plenty of shade and washrooms nearby the waterpark as well.  You'll also likely see some food vendors around this area of the park.

childrens waterpark at hot sands beach city park kelowna bcChildren's Waterpark At Hot Sands City Park Kelowna BC

Once you're done at the waterpark and everyone is hungry you can walk the waterfront promenade right into the downtown shopping and restaurant area. 

hot sands beach kelowna city park waterfront walk near kelowna bridgeWaterfront Walk Along Hot Sands Near Kelowna Bridge

In fact, you can walk all the way along this park from the Kelowna bridge to the north end where you'll end up at Tugboat Beach near the dolphins fountain and Prospera Place.

Vacation Accommodations Near Hot Sands Beach Kelowna

There are some hotels near Hot Sands Beach and City Park in Kelowna including The Royal Anne Hotel and Prestige Beach House. But most family friendly vacation accommodations are a little farther away from this area.

There are many hotels along Harvey Avenue close to downtown. If staying close to the beach isn't really an issue for you, there are many options to choose from like family friendly hotels in the city with pools.

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