Okanagan BC Weather Forecast
Today and Long Range

Here you can check today's Okanagan BC weather forecast, as well as long range weather forecasts for the Okanagan Valley!

By default this chart shows the Kelowna weather report today. By clicking on the links below the window, you can find more detailed information on Kelowna weather, Penticton weather, or search any other community in the Valley.

You can also find the long range weather report, 2 week weather forecast, weather maps as well as radar.

Interior British Columbia weather amd climate is largely influenced by the Pacific Ocean, and the mountain ranges between the coast and the interior of the province.

We're fortunate to have the protection of the mountains from the moist Pacific climate, that offers the valley some of the best weather in Canada. Temperatures can vary within the Okanagan and Shuswap regions, such that Kelowna weather temperatures can be several degrees different than in Osoyoos or Penticton weather.

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