Kelowna Mountain Suspension Bridges Will Have You Clicking Your Camera Non-Stop!

It's hard to say what the coolest thing about Kelowna Mountain; the views of Okanagan Lake and Kelowna city, the four suspension bridges, the sun dial, the amphitheatre, the icewine cave, or the beautiful visitor centre building.

Our visit to Kelowna suspension bridges on
a perfect sunny Okanagan spring day!
Okanagan Lake From Kelowna Mountain Suspension Bridges

One thing is for sure, it's beautiful, the views are amazing and you'll be wanting to snap pictures from every vantage point and angle you can.

Situated on the south side of Kelowna, where forest fire once devastated the area, you can drive to Kelowna Mountain by following Lakeshore Road, through the Kelowna Mission area, all the way up to the hills that surround the city.

You'll pass Summerhill Pyramid Winery, a unique organic winery in Kelowna, along the way, as well as some pretty orchards and a few farms that remind you of what the history of the Okanagan is all about and what it has become.

Our visit to Kelowna suspension bridges on
a perfect sunny Okanagan spring day!
Walking over suspension bridge at Kelowna Mountain

Travel along Lakeshore Road to Chute Lake Road (go left onto Chute Lake Rd. from Lakeshore) and continue on all the way up to Upper Mission Drive. Then, follow Upper Mission Drive to Gillard Forest Service Road. Upper Mission Drive is paved. But, once you're on the forest service road it's a bit bumpy.

There's a great deal to explore and enjoy
beginning with the visitor's centre.
Kelowna Mountain Bridges Visitor Centre

Once there, you'll enter the Visitor's Centre and walk out onto the patio where there's an awe inspiring view that captivate you immediately.

Our first ever walk across a suspension bridge. Crossing the first Kelowna suspension bridge toward the sun dial

You'll cross the first bridge, called the Earth Bridge, and come upon the ice wine cave.

As you begin over the second bridge, the Sun Bridge, toward the sun dial the you feel yourself aligned with the tops of the trees. The walk looks so long as you head toward the sun dial. But once you're there...

The Sun Dial on Kelowna Mountain Overlooks
the city of Kelowna and Okanagan Lake
Sun Dial at Kelowna Mountain Bridges

No matter where you look the views are stunning.

And as you wander along two more bridges, the Water Bridge and the Vine Bridge, you can see fish swimming in the Koi Fish Ponds below you.

View of the Visitor Centre from a path along the Suspension Bridges View of the Kelowna Mountain Visitor Centre from suspension bridges

When you tour the site you'll begin and end your walk at the same point. You'll walk across all four bridges and around the ponds at the bottom and then you'll have to walk back to the beginning, returning across all four bridges again.

Having lunch on an upper deck at Kelowna Mountain Suspension Bridges

Tips for visiting Kelowna Mountain:

Plan at least three or four hours for this venture. If you're visiting here as part of a day trip, Kelowna Mountain is open 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. during the summer months.

Wear sunscreen (even in May the sun can be strong), and be sure to wear proper footwear. You should also bring bottled water.

While the tour down is easy, you'll get a bit of a workout on the way back as you have to climb a few stairs.

Small children should be kept close and held in hand.

They do allow pets on a leash.

Bring a lunch and rest at the viewing deck where you can sit and admire the beautiful views of the Okanagan Valley. :-)

Our handy map to Kelowna Mountain
(Right click the image to see a larger map)
map directions to kelowna mountain

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